Operation Rescue

Did you know the Lakeland Animal Shelter requires in excess of $750,000 annually in order to care for the more than 2,500 animals that come to us each year?

That amounts to more than $400 expense to the Lakeland Animal Shelter for each and every animal that we take in to our care. Raising the funds is a daunting task. We depend upon the entire community for support and could use your help as well!

The Lakeland Animal Shelter is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that depends almost entirely on donations to continue providing high quality care and compassion to the homeless animals of our community. All donations made to the Lakeland Animal Shelter are tax-deductible. No matter how you choose to give, we look forward to working with you to fulfill your vision of helping homeless animals in our community.


Times are tough. We know everyone is struggling in the current economic state. We are feeling the pinch too. Donations are down from last year, and it is difficult to provide the high-quality care and love to our sheltered animals. We need your help to help the sheltered animals who are dependent on us. 

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