We Have a Roof!

In February 2016, employees and volunteers at Lakeland Animal Shelter will be able to occupy the Phase 1 Adoption Center area of the new facility, adjacent to the current shelter at 3551 WI-67 in Elkhorn. Lakeland Animal Shelter is an adoption-guarantee shelter that serves nearly 600 dogs and cats daily.

Most small animals will be moved in immediately. In addition to more animal housing space, there will be private meet-and-greet space for the public to interact with animals for potential adoption. There will also be office space for marketing and outreach staff and space for volunteers to work. The former facility will become an animal care-only facility and will be closed to the public.

“It’s exciting to get to this point and be able to move in and have more space,” said Kristen Perry, executive director at Lakeland Animal Shelter. “Everything will run more efficiently in the new facility. But it’s also very crucial to continue the building process and finish the project. We need $1.3 million more to finish.”

The total construction cost is approximately $3 million. Perry hopes to obtain more donations from area businesses and supporters to finish construction.

Lakeland Animal Shelter outgrew the current facility about 15 years ago and has been raising funds for the new facility for the last few years. The focus of the new facility will be to get the animals closer to the public with the intent of increasing adoption rates.