The Walls Are Going Up!

The long awaited and much needed facility is being built! It is more than an attractive rendering on paper, it is more than a dream for the future....The new Lakeland Animal Shelter facility is finally under construction!

Site work has been completed, foundation has been laid and framework is going up as we speak. If you drive past our current facility on Highway 67 in Delavan, you will see our new facility under construction next door. This is a very exciting time for our organization. Thousands of homeless animals are saved each year in our current facility, but we have long since outgrown the space.

We are thrilled at the prospect of moving into the adoption center (phase one) of the new facility by the February of 2016 but will still need to maintain and operate the existing Lakeland Animal Shelter facility until we have the funds yet needed to build the remainder (phase two) of the new facility.
We need your help to finish this project!!!

To date we are still in need of $1.8 million to finish the project and bring the all the animals under one roof. We are currently seeking donations towards this project with opportunities ranging from $100 to 1 million. Please contact Kristen at for more details or questions concerning giving opportunities for this project. Please help us finish this project in 2016!