Pets Unleashed - How to prevent your dog or cat from going missing


Dog off Leash

Picture this. You come home to a quiet house…too quiet. Your lovable, loyal pooch isn’t there to greet you at the door. You think, “That’s odd,” so you check all of his favorite spots. You look under the kitchen table, in the corner of the living room, and then you see it. The screen door was left open, and your beloved pet is not in the yard!

There’s nothing more nerve-racking than the moment you realize that your dog or cat can’t be found. Your worry turns to panic. Your heart seems to skip a beat. WHERE COULD HE BE?

Fortunately, with some simple preparation, you can greatly improve your chances of preventing a lost pet and finding your animal if it does become lost.

Microchip Tracking Devices

By far the most effective method, registering and microchipping your pet is a great preventative measure. By registering your animal, you greatly increase your chances of finding it by searching for the microchip number. This is especially useful if your pet has slipped out of his/her collar and can’t be easily identified by others.

Clearly Defined Identification Tags

Another effective preventative measure is to double-check that your pet has a well-fitting collar and leash, as well as a clear, updated ID tag. If your pet’s collar or leash fits improperly, it’s easy for it to slip out and bolt. A proper fit helps keep your dog or cat safe and snug. In reference to the ID tag, it should include the name of your pet, your current address, and your phone number. This way, your animal is easily identifiable by others, increasing the chance of someone returning your lost companion to you.

Yard Security

You can also secure your yard. With proper fencing, your pet can roam freely in a safe, contained area. However, you should always do this in conjunction with the previous two steps. It’s fairly easy for a gate to be left open or a fence to be dug underneath by a pet looking to explore. Safeguard your yard by ensuring the fence is of the proper height, materials, and stability for your specific pet.

If (heaven forbid) your furry companion does go missing, there are several actions that greatly increase your chances of finding him/her.

Act Fast

The quicker you act, the more likely you are to find your animal safe and sound.

Enlist Help

Don’t be the only one looking! Ask friends, neighbors, and law enforcement to keep their eyes out for your pet.

Visit Animal Shelters and City Pounds

Scan these places daily. Especially in cases where the collar or ID tag is not with your dog or cat, animal shelters are a great resource to find a lost pet.

Don’t Become Discouraged

Just because you don’t find your furry friend right away, doesn’t mean the outlook is hopeless. Remember to stay positive and focus on doing everything in your power to find your pet. Chances are…you will!

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