Capital Campaign: 1,000 Donations of $350 is All We Need!

Dear Animal Lover,

Greetings from staff, volunteers, and animals at the Lakeland Animal Shelter! This has been a very busy year for our organization. Not only did we take in a record number of homeless animals, but we also did so while caring for the animals in two separate facilities and while undergoing the homestretch of a capital campaign to complete our new facility. If you think this sounds like an overwhelming accomplishment, we agree with you that it has been, but it has also been hugely rewarding for all involved.

Due to strong community support, in just a few short years we have gone from operating a 4,000 square foot facility to house and care for homeless animals to building and opening a new 4,500 square foot adoption center and are nearing the end of completing an additional 10,000 square feet to complete the new Lakeland Animal Shelter! The original Lakeland Animal Shelter facility was built over 40 years ago and was originally designed to house a fraction of the animals that we were caring for on a daily basis before we opened the new adoption center in May of 2016.

Inside of our new shelter building

Since the opening of the new adoption center we have been operating the two buildings together in order to house and care for the animals in need. On a daily basis in 2017 we have had an average of 60 dogs and 550 cats in our care between the two buildings. We are very excited to be so close to completing the new facility and bring all of the animals and the people who care for them under one roof!

It is hard to believe that, in this day and age, there are so many homeless domestic animals in an affluent community such as ours, but the reality is that without the Lakeland Animal Shelter there would have been over 3,400 homeless animals that had no where to go in 2017 alone. Instead these 3,400 animals in need came to the Lakeland Animal Shelter and were cared for until they were either reclaimed by their family who was missing them or adopted by a new loving family.

Beyond that, they were provided this care with no fear of having a time limit as to how long they could be at the shelter because Lakeland is proud to be a no-kill facility that does not use humane euthanasia as a means of population control. None of this would be possible in a new facility or the old one without the strong and ongoing support of our community!

Much of our new building remains unfinished - please help!

We are in need of calling on the community to support us again in a big way. Together we have come such a long way, but we need your help to finish the building project and bring the animals and people back under one roof - just $350,000 to finish!

The completion is so close we can feel it, and it could be as simple as 1,000 people giving as little as $350! That certainly seems like a real possibility!

If you would like to be part of helping thousands of homeless animals each year so that the Lakeland Animal Shelter Staff and Volunteers could provide care, love and safety in better conditions and surroundings, now is the time!

Capital Campaign - Extreme Shelter Makeover

Your donation today to our Extreme Shelter Makeover Campaign will bring us closer to shorter hold periods of homeless animals with less illness and better overall quality of care. If you wish there are also many opportunities to commemorate your gift to the animals for years to come including:

• Naming rights to an entire room in the new Lakeland Animal Shelter
• Sponsorship for a year or lifetime of a dog or cat condo or suite
• Tribute bricks or marble tiles
• Sponsor a tree or inscribed bench throughout the shelter property

The dream for a new Lakeland Animal Shelter facility to care for homeless animals in our community has been present for more than the past decade. The vision and plan began five years ago and many have supported in order to bring us to the point we are now where we are within months and just $350,000 of finally finishing the project. This would allow us to finally close the old shelter facility and bring all the animals under one roof for care.

Please consider a gift today to the Lakeland Animal Shelter’s Extreme Shelter Makeover project to make the dream a reality. Thank you for your support!



Kristen Perry
Executive Director