Nearly 30 Dogs Rescued from the Path of Hurricane Harvey

Lakeland Animal Shelter Rescued 29 Dogs from Hurricane Harvey

The devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey making landfall along the U.S. southern border is still a major headline since the massive storm hit Texas last Friday, August 25, 2017. Record flooding, immense damage, and tragic losses of life have all been reported.

As many Texas residents in Harvey’s path were forced to evacuate their homes, they were also forced to leave their pets – placing these animals directly in harm’s way. At Lakeland Animal Shelter, we just couldn’t leave these animals to accept their fate and felt we needed to act.

Lakeland’s Partnership with Lola’s Lucky Day

Lakeland Animal Shelter always focuses on homeless pets in Walworth County first and foremost. We place our local pets in loving forever homes as best we can, before seeking adoptable animals from elsewhere.

Our capacity, however, does allow us to bring in dogs (often puppies) from overpopulated care centers down south. The adoption fees for puppies is higher, which helps subsidize care for older animals we house, as well.

This means partnering with several canine relocation services, in order to provide care for dogs in areas where overpopulation has become a real issue. One of these partners based in Houston, Texas is Lola’s Lucky Day.

This incredible group was formed in 2015 and transports homeless dogs from overpopulated areas in the Lone Star State up to Wisconsin, where shelters have the capacity to provide life-saving care. Lola’s Lucky Day has helped over 1,000 dogs with no other option within their first few years of operation.

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The Dogs Brought to Safety

As the massive storm swiftly approached landfall from the Gulf, the quick response of our Volunteer Coordinator, Lynn Sabo, allowed us to team up with Lola’s Lucky Day and save 29 dogs from the path of Hurricane Harvey.

Lola’s had been scheduled to bring 24 dogs to Peewee’s Pet Adoption in Corpus Christi where Lakeland would pick them up before the devastating storm hit, but time became of the essence as the hurricane moved closer.

“There was heavy rainfall as we left Corpus Christi,” said Sabo, “We got there just in the nick of time.”

Lakeland Animal Shelter was able to accept and transport these animals to safety – even taking an additional five dogs that had been brought in from Houston.

“It was good timing,” Executive Director Kristen Perry commented, “The staff down there took a couple extra knowing that it could truly be the difference between life and death of being able to get them out with the volume in Corpus Christi.”

All 29 of the dogs are currently alive, healthy, and in good condition at Lakeland Animal Shelter as they seek their forever homes in southern Wisconsin.

We feel so blessed to have been able to transport these dogs out of their dangerous situation. We cannot thank everyone enough for their courage and dedication to this remarkable rescue mission. The dogs will remain in our care as long as needed, while we look to place them in loving homes.

Help These Dogs Find Forever Families

If you would like to know how to help Lakeland Animal Shelter in our fight to save these homeless dogs, please visit our adopt page. You’ll also find more information on how you can make a difference through events, volunteer opportunities, and donations. Thank you!

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