Meet Some of Lakeland Animal Shelter’s 2015 Humane Heroes

Caring for 3,000 animals per year while maintaining our commitment to be a no-kill adoption guarantee facility requires endless hours of care by many volunteers and staff members. We are fortunate enough to have an amazing group of dedicated people that offer assistance in various ways to provide the best possible care for the animals in need. These volunteers include many professionals that donate their skilled services in order to give back to the community. We feel that all of our volunteers are Humane Heroes, but we would like to highlight the volunteers in our Veterinary Community in particular as our Humane Heroes of 2015.

Dr. Jeffrey Korosec of the Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic

Jeff and several of his colleagues at the Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic have cared for Lakeland Animal Shelter animals at their clinic for more than a decade. In 2013, Jeff began volunteering his personal time on a weekly basis to come to the Shelter and perform exams and other procedures for Shelter animals in need. Over the past two years, Jeff has donated countless hours of his expertise and saved the shelter thousands of dollars by donating his services.

Jeff has also donated or offered at cost many complicated surgeries for shelter animals over the years. These include amputations and other orthopedic surgeries, as well as eye and nasal surgeries. This donation has allowed many animals that were otherwise not adoptable to find homes and live long and healthy lives. 

As part owner of the clinic, Jeff has made support of our shelter a public priority as well by sponsoring and being involved or attending most of our fund raising events throughout the year. This includes our annual Whisker Walk and Second Chances Charity Dinner.

Dr. Mona & Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz of the Lake Geneva Animal Hospital

Dr. Scot and Mona own and operate the Lake Geneva Animal Hospital and recently opened a second clinic in Walworth. They are a respected team that along with Dr. Chris Welch, Dr. Kelly Roy, and other veterinarians on their staff have offered excellent care to the animals in our community for almost 20 years. 

Scot and Mona have always made themselves available offering opinions and recommendations for the care of animals at our shelter, but in the past year they have put that commitment to the community into hyper-drive in order to make an even greater difference for the homeless animals in particular. Mona donates her personal time weekly to come in to the shelter and spay and neuter cats at no cost to the shelter. She has literally donated hundreds of surgeries and saved the shelter many thousands of dollars by doing so. She has also mentored and trained our shelter staff members in order to make their care of the sick and injured animals even more effective than previously possible.

Dr. Scot is a skilled orthopedic surgeon and has donated several complicated and expensive surgeries that were required for some of the animals in our care to live life to the fullest. He has also offered exams and recommendations of care for animals at no cost to the shelter. 

Last year Scot and Mona took their dedication to helping homeless animals a step further and began taking adoptable groups of cats and kittens into their clinic in order to act as a satellite adoption center for the shelter. They have successfully helped the shelter adopt out more the 30 cats and kittens. By choosing to do this seemingly small thing they have had a huge impact on the lives of those 30 animals!

Dr. Christine Hartwig of the Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Chris and her husband Scott own and operate the Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic and have built a respected practice that has provided excellent care to the community for decades. In recent years they have expanded their care by making time in their weekly clinic schedule to provide the bulk of the spay neuter surgeries for the Lakeland Animal Shelters dogs and cats at a greatly reduced cost to the shelter. Over the past three years there have been thousands of shelter animals altered at their clinic at a fraction of the cost that most animal shelters must pay for these services.

Dr. Hartwig also specializes in rabbit care and has provided services for many of the shelter's rabbits for years including spay/neuter surgeries and beyond. She has also donated her time to come to the shelter and examine shelter animals with medical issues that have gone beyond what we are able to treat and offered treatment plans in order to ensure a successful outcome for the animals. Scott and Dr. Chris have also made the clinic's support of the shelter a very public support for many years by sponsoring, donating, promoting, and attending all of our shelter events each year.

Dr. Kevin Hartwig of the Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic

Kevin has recently joined the family owned practice with his parents Dr. Chris and Scott Hartwig and embraced the family model of supporting the Lakeland Animal Shelter. In the less than a year at the practice, Kevin has taken on and cared for hundreds of shelter animals. He has truly gone the extra mile for these animals to ensure that they could go on to enjoy long lives with new families.


We believe that each of these veterinarians are truly Humane Heroes for their donation of time, energy, and expertise to the Lakeland Animal Shelter and the homeless animal in our care. They are true examples of people that have extremely busy professional and personal lives and yet have regularly made the choice to give back to the community even when not convenient. We look forward to highlighting this group further throughout the year on our website, Facebook page, and at our Second Chances Annual Dinner to honor them as the true HUMANE HEROES that they are.