Lakeland Animal Shelter Video Sheds Light On Need For New Facility

Lakeland Animal Shelter has released a new video appeal as part of the Lakeland Animal Shelter Extreme Shelter Makeover campaign. The video outlines the critical situation Lakeland faces as their existing facility continues to strain under the rapidly increasing demand to shelter homeless or neglected animals in Walworth County. Lakeland is just under the halfway point of raising over $3 million needed and hopes the video will raise awareness of the situation.

“Our facility is over 30 years old and was designed to house a fraction of the animals currently being cared for,” says Kristen Perry, Lakeland Animal Shelter’s Executive Director. “We want to show our neighbors and community that they can make a huge difference right now.”

The new facility will be focused on getting people closer to the animals. More than just additional housing for animals, the facility will support private areas for adopting families to get interaction time with pets. Additional space will allow more volunteers to assist the Lakeland staff making the facility even more efficient.

“The video shows we do our very best with the space we have,” says Lynn Sabo, Director of Programs and Special Events. “We’re to a point where an expanded facility will mean more than just housing more animals in need. It will mean getting those animals with new families even faster.”

Lakeland hopes to attract donations from area businesses and residents that may not be familiar with the deteriorating situation.

“Sharing our story is crucial,” says Perry. “While pictures, posters, and other traditional appeals have gotten us this far, we wanted to engage those we normally wouldn’t be able to reach. This video, the web, and social media will give us the opportunity to engage new communities to reach our goal.”

The video was produced over the last several months with Signalfire, the award-winning digital agency in Delavan responsible for Lakeland’s logo redesign and website. Signalfire worked in conjunction with Janesville-based Drywater Productions to concept, shoot, and edit the video.

“We needed to deliver the passion and dedication the Lakeland team feels for seeing this new facility built,” says Susan Geye, Signalfire’s Project Manager. “Seeing the finished product gives everyone a sense of making a difference in the lives of countless pets and animals.”

Lakeland Animal Shelter’s video is available on their website, YouTube, and Facebook. For inquiries about donating to the new facility, please email Kristen Perry or call (262) 723-1000. Lakeland Animal Shelter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the care and well being of homeless pets and animals in Walworth County. For more information, please visit them online at