Lakeland Animal Shelter: How to Spot a Humane Hero

Do you think that to be a hero you have to wear a cape? Fly? Leap tall buildings or other feats of strength? Imagine with me that a hero could instead be just a person, like you and me, a volunteer or a local veterinarian or a child who on their birthday asks for presents for the animals instead of themselves… What if a Humane Hero could be any of these?

Aiden's Story

To demonstrate please let me tell you a story about a little puppy named Aiden. This brave little guy was just five weeks old when he came to the Lakeland Animal Shelter. Aiden and his brothers and sisters were lucky enough to be picked by our staffers (heroes) to be transferred from a shelter in Corpus Christi, Texas to our shelter in Wisconsin the very day before Hurricane Harvey hit. Aiden knew none of that, but he knew he was on his way to his new life.

With the help of the loving shelter staff and volunteers (heroes), Aiden and his siblings worked to get bigger and stronger so they could join families of their own. Aiden was a bit smaller than the rest, so he lagged behind. Soon all of his family had gone home, and just Aiden was left at the Shelter waiting for his own family. 

One day, when Aiden was still waiting to be big enough to go home, he was taken out of his little spot at the Shelter by a nice volunteer (hero) who felt badly that he was all alone and wanted him to get to meet people. It happened to be an evening where one of the local community churches was doing a blessing for the animals at the Shelter, and that night Aiden was able to meet the amazing little family (heroes) who would soon become his own.

As you can tell, we could end this little story about Aiden right here, and it would be clear that there are many Humane Heroes who are active in this community and at the Lakeland Animal Shelter, but Aiden’s story had another chapter. You see Aiden did go home with his wonderful new family and new dog brother, but the very next day he started to not feel well at all. Due to his symptoms and some illness among other dogs at the Shelter, the Shelter staff (heroes) reacted aggressively and asked Dr. Mona of Lake Geneva Animal Hospital (Hero) to see him that night and try to save him. 

Dr. Mona and her staff kept little Aiden in their hospital for more than a week providing around the clock care to save him. The Shelter Staffers were also doing the same back at the Shelter with other sick puppies who had the same illness as Aiden. Aiden’s new family was patient and kind during this time and trusted Dr.  Mona and her staff and the Shelter Staff while they prayed and waited. Many shelter volunteers (heroes) also prayed for Aiden and Shelter supporters (heroes) pledged funds to help pay for his care and the care of the other sick puppies at the Shelter.

After seven days in the hospital, the miracle that many prayed for happened, and Aiden was well enough to go back to his family! Not only did Aiden survive, but four more puppies at the shelter that were being treated also survived! This was a miracle of five little lives being saved! None of this would have been possible without our Humane Heroes!

Lakeland Animal Shelter cares for more than 3,000 animals a year. Aiden (now named Noah or “promise from God”) is very special, but there are thousands of others like him each year that are saved because of the Humane Heroes in our community. This includes volunteers who walk dogs, work at our 9 Lives Boutique or in our kitty rooms at the adoption center. It includes generous donors who become monthly members to provide a steady stream of set income to support our work, and the donors who have pledged funds to the Extreme Shelter Makeover Project. It includes adopters who return to Lakeland Animal Shelter each time they are adding a new fur member to their family.

As we look back on 2017, we feel truly blessed by the acts of all the Humane Heroes that show their support in the many ways listed above. We hope Aiden’s story can help demonstrate that a humane hero can be anyone anywhere… which is perfect because WE TRULY NEED HEROES NOW MORE THAN EVER!

How You Can Help

Your gift today could help us do so many things for the animals, including finishing the new facility and bringing all of the animals and people under one roof and providing the lifesaving care that happens every day at Lakeland Animal Shelter!

We wish you and yours the warmest of holiday seasons this year. We thank you for being a Humane Hero and thank you for again remembering the animals in need in our community, especially now.  Thank you!

Kristen Perry
Executive Director


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