Happy Holidays from Lakeland Animal Shelter!


Lakeland Animal Shelter Holiday CardDear Lakeland Animal Shelter Supporter,

Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at Lakeland Animal Shelter. To us, 2018 seems to have flown by as we’ve been busily caring for a record number of more than 3,500 homeless animals AND adding 10,000 square feet to our new facility to get everyone under one roof again.
With your help, what seemed liked a far off dream just a few years ago is now a reality! We are not only utilizing the full new facility for animal care but are just a few days and dollars away from closing the old facility for good and moving the last animals to the new building. All of this has been made possible by support such as yours. Now, more than ever, we ask you to continue your support of these animals and the work being done at Lakeland Animal Shelter.

You might think that with the full new facility we wouldn’t need to do things like house dogs or cats in office spaces, but on occasion we still do just that. I would like to tell you about a little blended family of cats and dogs that recently shared our office space and benefited from your support.

Quinita is a Chihuahua who came to us homeless and pregnant a few months ago. She is 4lbs of mighty maternal love who’s clearly had puppies before and was overjoyed when she finally gave birth to this litter. Quinita had two of her own babies and was so attentive that she refused to even stand up to eat for two full days after they were born as to not disrupt their nursing. We brought her plenty of food and water, but I have no doubt she would’ve starved before she took time away from those babies. They were a bit premature and weighed only ounces, yet Quinita pulled them through with constant nursing.

There was also a litter of puppies born to a different little mom at the Shelter at the same time. They too were tiny and premature. All but one was lost after less than 24-hours with their own mom. We took the last little puppy and put her with Quinita, knowing that she was the puppy’s best chance for survival. Sure enough, Quinita pulled that little puppy through too. Shortly after, Quinita and her little blended family joined us in the office, where it was quieter and less stressful for her than the other housing areas.

Weeks passed as Quinita’s pups and their adopted brother continued to grow and thrive. One day, a group of orphan kittens were brought into our office. Quinita heard their cries and went crazy. She was begging us to give them to her for care. After determining that we did not have a cat mom to put them with, we decided to see if Quinita would actually nurse and care for them. She did so immediately! Her little family became even more blended as she nursed and cleaned them as if they were her own. 

Quinita, Pups, and Kittens at Lakeland

Amazing displays of love and care like this are made possible by your support which has allowed us to open a new facility and care for such animals. The Lakeland Animal Shelter has taken in over 3,500 homeless animals in 2018, with 40-80 dogs and 400-500 cats/kittens in the shelter on a daily basis. This is a lot of animals to care for each day, yet with your support, we remain a NO-KILL FACILITY.

Thank you tremendously for your support which has gotten us here, but now more than ever the Lakeland Animal Shelter is in desperate need of your help. Would you consider a gift or ongoing gift to the animals this holiday season? Our monthly membership program is a sustainable way to support the care of homeless animals in our community. You can give any amount from $9 to $99 each month through your credit card or bank account and guarantee that little families like Quinita’s have Lakeland Animal Shelter to provide them care. Thanks to support like this, Quinita and her puppies (and kittens) are all doing well and awaiting adoption into families of their own.

Thank you again for your support of the Lakeland Animal Shelter in 2018. We have seen many miracles occur in animals that were cared for and saved as well as our facility’s completion. We wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and thank you for considering further animal support with another one time or monthly gift to the Lakeland Animal Shelter.

Thank you!


Kristen Perry
Executive Director