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You already know the biggest benefit of joining the Lakeland Animal Shelter. It's that warm feeling that comes from helping lost, stray, abandoned, and abused pets. Our members are the strength of our organization. You're the ones that keep our doors open, making on going health and daily care possible. You help us find forever homes for our animals, and keep them happy in the meantime. Join our growing community of animal lovers by becoming a member. Your monthly donation will make a world of a difference for our animals.

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    • Individual Membership Categories

      • Best Friend => Monthly Donation: $94
      • Lifesaver => Monthly Donation: $48
      • Protector => Monthly Donation: $36
      • Rescuer => Monthly Donation: $24
      • Caregiver => Monthly Donation: $16
      • Companion => Monthly Donation: $9
    • Business and Corporate Membership Categories

      • Business/Agency => Monthly Donation: $25

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