90 in 90


Meet Hans! You might not be able to tell from his adorable face and bright eyes, but this little guy has been through quite a bit in his short life.

Hans is only about a year old and came to the Lakeland Animal Shelter just before Thanksgiving 2017. He was found in a ditch with frost on his ears, unable to walk. Once he was brought to the shelter, we took him over to our friends at the Lake Geneva Animal Hospital for further exam. Dr. Mona and Dr. Scot determined quickly that Hans was suffering from two broken legs and a broken hip.

Dr. Scot offered to do surgery to try to fix Hans' breaks and hopefully save his legs. We picked Hans up the next day and put him into a foster home for recovery. I am pleased to report that Dr. Scot examined him again and told us he has fully healed!

Hans has been through a lot, but if you look at it you could say he is a pretty blessed guy in the end. Yes, he suffered a traumatic injury at a very young age, but he was also blessed to be found by a kind stranger who knew he would be cared for if he brought him to the Lakeland Animal Shelter. The Shelter, in turn is very blessed to have the support of professionals like the Dr. Scot and Dr. Mona and the support of our donors who allow us to provide life saving services to deserving animals such as little Hans.

The 90 K in 90 days campaign is one that the Lakeland Animal Shelter runs every year in hopes of raising at least $90,000 towards the more that $300,000 in medical expenses we incur each year caring for homeless animals. We ask that you might consider a gift toward the 90 in 90 campaign this year to help hurt animals such as Hans and the thousands of others that come to us each year. Thank you for your support.

Hans is just one of the thousands of animals that came into our care last year alone that needed relatively extensive medical care prior to adoption. Your support gave Hans and others like him a second chance. Please click the button below to donate today!