Naming Opportunities

Extreme Shelter Makeover Naming Opportunities

The Lakeland Animal Shelter is honored to recognize individuals who make significant contributions to our many lifesaving programs and services. The following list will give you an idea of some of the naming opportunities available to you.  Please contact Kristen Perry at or at 262-723-1000 for questions or more details concerning the campaign.

Naming Rights for Building: $2.5 million    

Customer Service Areas

Public Meeting and Training Area $250,000
Small Dog Adoption Room $25,000
Multipurpose Room (3) $30,000 each


Animal Care

Animal Exam Room $25,000


Canine and Feline Areas

Feline Guest Housing (3) $15,000 each
Canine Adoption Play Yard $15,000 each

The Lakeland Animal Shelter Campus and Common Areas

Laundry Room & Bedding Storage $10,000
Food Storage Room $10,000
Memorial Gardens (3) $15,000 each
Storage Room & Garage $5,000



Reserved Opportunities

Main Lobby and Customer Service Desk $250,000
"Get Aquainted Room" for Adopters and Pets (2) $50,000
Retail Area (2) $5,000
Free-Roaming Cat Colonies (4) $35,000 each
Surgery Room (2) $25,000 each
Food Prep Room $10,000
Animal Intake Office $10,000
Kitten Nursery (2) $35,000 each
Canine Guest Housing (2) $10,000 each
Director's Office and Meeting Room $15,000
Dog Walking Trails (4) $15,000 each
Canine Guest Play Yards (2) $10,000 each
Volunteer Work Room $10,000
Staff Lounge $10,000
Animal Grooming Room $10,000
Pocket Pet Adoption Room $10,000
Canine Adoption Quarters (4) $15,000 each


Adopt A Kennel

Adopt A Small Animal Suite Endowment $5,000 each
Adopt A Small Animal Suite Yearly Contribution $250 each
Adopt A Large Dog Suite Endowment  $20,000 each
Adopt A Large Dog Suite Yearly Contribution $1,000 each
Adopt A Small Dog Or Cat Suite Endowment $10,000 each
Adopt A Small Dog Or Cat Suite Yearly Contribution $500 each


Marble Tribute Tiles

Tribute Marble Tiles 5x7 $250 each
Tribute Marble Tiles 8x10 $750 each
Tribute Marble Tiles 11x13 $1,000 each


Memorial Trees

Memorial Tree With Marker $1,000 each
Memorial Tree Without Marker $750 each


Memorial Benches

Memorial Bench $1,500 each


Tribute Bricks

Tribute Bricks $100 each
Additional Paw Prints $20 each