Comparison Chart

Comparison Between the Current Shelter and the Proposed New Facility

Current Shelter

Our current shelter is over 35 years old, and was designed to hold less than 30% of our animal population today. Outdated, with old equipment, poor ventilation, and is serious disrepair, we are so overcrowded that our filing and supply office is  in the staff bathroom!

By far the biggest challenge, however, is being able to adequately and safely care for the thousands of animals that come to the shelter each year. 

  • One cageless cat area
  • Small kennels for dogs, with no access to outside exercise
  • Cramped, often crowded lobby/reception area for waiting adopters
  • No drop-off area for strays
  • Small surgical area makes medical care difficult
  • No private room for adopters to meet with animals
  • Limited isolation areas for dogs and cats 

New Facility

The new shelter will be designed to solve the most critical animal-related issues in our community, including pet overpopulation, stray and homeless animals, and animal abuse and neglect. The new facility is designed to promote higher adoption rates, more volunteers, additional programs and services, and increased community involvement. 

  • Designed with present and future needs in mind
  • Medical care complex with spacious surgical suite
  • Eight separate cageless cat colonies for adoptable cats
  • Larger, heated canine kennels with direct access to outside exercise area
  • Three “get acquainted” private rooms for adopters and pets
  • Separate entrance for admission of animals to the shelter
  • Private, secure room for night drop of animals from law enforcement
  • Two separate isolation rooms for both dogs and cats
  • Larger lobby/reception area, with service desk welcomes visitors
  • Community room for meetings, training, education and community events
  • Designed to accommodate all kinds of storage needs
  • State-of-the-art HVAC system to promote animal health
  • Employee and volunteer rooms encourage community participation