Capital Campaign

How Desperate is the Need for a New Facility?

The Lakeland Animal Shelter is the only open door shelter in Walworth County. We welcome and care for all stray cats and dogs brought to our facility. All are given humane treatment and care. Critical to realizing a compassionate future for all animals in our community is a new home for the animal shelter. 

The Lakeland Animal Shelter was originally designed to accommodate less than 30% of its current animal population, and despite renovations and additions to extend its life, a new shelter is necessary to provide proper housing, veterinary care, and socialization for animals. The current shelter is seriously outdated, in disrepair, and must be replaced. 

To achieve its ambitious, yet attainable objectives, LAS is constructing a new state-of-the-art facility adjacent to our current facility. The new shelter will include an adoption center, spay/neuter surgical room, and a community education/meeting room. The total project costs for the new building and furnishings will be approximately $3 million. 

To learn more about the Capital Campaign and how you can help, email If you would like to make a donation today, you can use our online form.

New Facility Features

  • Designed with present and future needs in mind
  • Medical care complex with spacious surgical suite
  • Four separate cageless cat colonies for adoptable cats
  • Larger, heated canine kennels with direct access to outdoor exercise area
  • Three "get acquainted" private rooms for adopters and pets
  • Separate entrance for admission of animals to the shelter
  • Private, secure room for night drop of animals from law enforcement
  • Two separate isolation rooms each for dogs and cats
  • Larger lobby/reception area, with a separate service desk to welcome and service visitors
  • Community room for meetings, training, education, and community events
  • Designed to accommodate a wide variety of storage needs, including animal supplies, food, equipment, staff supplies, etc. 
  • State-of-the-art HVAC system to promote animal health
  • Employee and volunteer rooms encourage community participation