Welcome Home, Princess: A Microchip Success Story

If you have ever doubted that microchipping your pet is a good idea, then this is one story you must read.

July 2017 was a heartbreaking month for Demorro Williams and her family when her German Shepherd, Princess, went missing from their home in Milwaukee.

For seven long months they prayed, hung flyers, and made phone call after phone call to everyone they knew for help in finding their girl.

But when days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, the situation became discouraging. But Demorro was not giving up. She knew her Princess was out there somewhere waiting to be found.

On a fateful Saturday in February 2018, a man was walking the Ice Age trail when all of a sudden…a dog showed up and began to follow him.

He took her home, and she instantly got along with his dogs. While he would have loved to add another canine companion to his home, he knew someone must be missing their dog.

So our kind hearted hero loaded her up and brought her to Lakeland Animal Shelter, where we scanned her and discovered a microchip. Demorro was contacted, and she and her family were reunited with Princess.

The cost of a microchip is minimal (only $20 through Lakeland), and this is just one of many stories where microchipping a pet has brought about a happy ending.

After 7 long months, Demorros prayers were finally answered, and her loving family pet, Princess, couldn’t have been more excited to see her.

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