Meet Harley!

Hey everyone, I'm Harley! You may be wondering how a sweet and handsome boy like me could end up in a shelter and so am I! Just a couple of weeks ago I was at home sleeping in my nice warm bed, but now I have to sleep in a cold kennel every night.

And if being homeless, stressed, and depressed wasn't bad enough, I've now started to show physical symptoms of my hard times. I have a pretty bad case of kennel tail which means that my tail hits my kennel walls and repeatedly breaks open. The shelter staff wrap it for me, but I really wish I didn't have to spend so much time in a kennel in the first place.

I have lost about ten pounds since I came in, despite getting my three feedings a day, which I heard is pretty common for stressed out dogs like me. This past week I've also been pretty sick and dehydrated, and even though shelter staff is treating my symptoms, they are concerned that I will keep deteriorating if I don't find a foster soon!

Will you please, please help me out by giving me that loving foster home (or just adopt me!) I deserve and so desperately need?! Please contact the shelter for more information about fostering!