Meet Berkeley!

Hi I'm Berkeley, I'm 7 years old and fully trained. I know my name and love when you say it. My favorite things are snuggles, tennis balls, and laying in the sun.

I'm a dog who loves to know where my people are and to make sure my little people are safe. I'm the life of the party. When you meet me you'll understand!

Now on to the more difficult part of my life. I have some medical problems. My foster mom and my veterinarian have got all my problems figured out, so now I take some medication and eat a special food. They say I have irritable bowel disease, mild lymphangiectasia (I lose proteins that I need), allergies, and my thyroid doesn't work the way it should. Overall they say I'm doing really well with what I eat and the medications I take. I will need to see my doctor for exams 2x a year and bloodwork to make sure I'm still doing well, so things are looking up!

Are you ready to meet me? Give the shelter a call!