Meet Amaya and Stacey!

“Hey, Amaya, I’ve been thinking… you know what’s super cool?”

“What’s that, Stacey?”

“It’s so cool that you don’t just sit in that boring hut all the time anymore, like you used to at the shelter.”

“I know!  It’s so awesome to be in a place where I’m comfortable. Now I’m not such a scaredy cat!”

“Haha, that’s funny, Amaya! You really were a scaredy cat! No one could even see you at the shelter because you were always hiding!”

“I know, Stacey, that’s because I was so afraid! I didn’t know that people and cats can be so nice, but you and Foster Mom taught me that! I’m so glad you did, too, because now I even do the zig zag walk when I’m extra happy! I didn’t know I had those fancy moves in me!”

“Yup, that’s why Foster Mom nicknamed you Zig Zag! We are both lucky to have her, she really has taught both of us so much about life. You know, Amaya, you aren’t the only one who had obstacles to overcome. I needed some extra help too.”

“You did? I mean, I know you kind of reminded me of a pirate when I first met you, but I like pirates. I always think of that handsome one, what’s his name?”


“No, silly, the other one.”

“Oh yeah, I think his name is Johnny or something. Anyway, as I was saying, I needed some extra help because I only have one eye and most cats have two. So I had to adjust to that whole situation, and it wasn’t easy. That’s when Foster Mom stepped up and decided I could come stay with her while I figured things out. I also don’t have front claws, so she was worried that if anyone picked on me and my new look, I wouldn’t be able to stick up for myself. Boy, did I get lucky coming to live with her!”

“Me too! I got super lucky too. I got to live here with you and with her! All because she thought you needed a friend! I’m so glad you picked me!”

“Well, she picked you. I thought you were a bit, ummm, boring. You just hid in that box all the time. But now that I know you so well, I know how awesome you are when you aren’t afraid! You just needed some time and a quieter environment. Now you even ‘zig zag’ around and show us your true purrsonality! I’m so glad she did pick you because you’re my best friend, Amaya.”

“Awe, Stacey, that’s so sweet. You’re my best friend too. Now that Foster Mom taught us so much about life and love, do you think we are ready for our furever family?!”

“I do!!! Just promise me one thing, Amaya… don’t find a furever home without me and I won’t find one without you, ok?”

“Deal. No matter what, we will stick together.”

“Deal! Now let’s tell the nice people what Foster Mom says about us, maybe our Purrfect Family is listening…”

Stacey and Amaya are both such sweet girls who are patiently waiting for a forever family to adopt them together. Stacey is around 8 years old and is the brown and black one. Amaya is about 4 years old, is white and brown and is the smaller of the two. They are looking for a quiet home where they will be the only pets. Their hobbies include: cuddling, playing with toys, being brushed, playing hide and seek, looking out the window for birds and squirrels, and sleeping in a human bed (if possible). They are both wonderful girls who just want to feel safe and loved!