From the Humane Officer’s Files - Arnold’s Story


Arnold & Arnold the Potbelly Pigs!

Back in March of 2017, we received a pig named Arnold as an owner surrender. His owner had some personal issues and was not able to care for him properly, so he was brought to us.

Arnold was just under six months old and was quite a character - completely adorable. He gave our staff a run for their money. He did not like to be leashed, told what to do, or fed anything less than the best.

We knew he was extraordinary and began our efforts to find an extraordinary home for him almost immediately.

After posting him on our newest Facebook page, “Lakeland seniors and special needs” as well as our Lakeland Animal Shelter Facebook page, we received comments, shares, and views beyond our wildest dreams.

However, most of the people interested in Arnold were not able to accommodate his specific needs. You see, Arnold had lived his first six months as an “indoor pig,” and we wanted to keep it that way.

As we all know, most pigs live on farms, and therefore live most of their lives, if not all, outdoors. We just didn’t feel this was acceptable for Arnold, our extraordinary pig.

He had lived his life up until now, similar to that of a dog, living indoors most of the time and only going outside to go potty and to enjoy the weather when it was enjoyable. 

Fast forward to May, 2017. Arnold’s story had been posted several times and had over 70,000 views on Facebook! We could not believe it! There were several wonderful people who had offered to make Arnold a part of their family.

We also had sanctuaries reach out, offering their help. However, we continued to hang on to our precious Arnold, knowing that the perfect family was out there for him, and it was just a matter of time.

Well, guess what happened on May 18th, 2017? A wonderful family contacted us who had seen Arnold on Facebook. We were almost certain it was a match made in heaven when they told us they had another pig and you won’t believe this: HIS NAME IS ARNOLD!

That’s right - Arnold and Arnold! Could this be? Well, as cute as it sounded, we wanted to be sure to follow our usual protocol, so we met with this family to see if they were a true match.

It turns out, they were! After the “Arnolds” met face to face, we just knew it was meant to be. Arnold went home with his new family the same day. We could not be more ecstatic to share with you this update from his mommy:

“I first found out about Arnold (we renamed him Max as we already have a pig named Arnold!) through Facebook. My husband’s nephew and his wife tagged us in the listing for him, and since I am a huge animal and pig lover, I prodded my husband to see if we could go to meet him.

To my shock...he agreed, and we brought him home the same day we saw him. He has acclimated wonderfully. He shares a sleeping space with our other pig Arnold and has free access to the backyard 24-hours-a-day via the pig door (doggy door).

He has quickly caught on to what time they are fed in the morning and night and gets very impatient around meal time. He enjoys taking mud baths out back on hot days and naps in the living room or office on the carpet during the day.

He grazes with his new best friend, Arnold, and his three goat companions. Within a couple days, he learned belly rubs are the best and often flops onto the ground waiting for a good one. With a steady diet of grass, pig feed, and fruit treats throughout the day, his belly is always full, and he is always wagging his tail!

We absolutely love him and he has become a great addition to our family.”

Those of us at Lakeland Animal Shelter are so grateful to Arnold (Max)’s forever family. The animals who are with us have no time limit, and this is a wonderful example of why. Sometimes “the best things come to those who wait!"