From the Humane Officer’s Files - Ice’s Story

Neglect comes in many forms. It can range from not addressing a minor medical problem to failure to provide proper food, water, or shelter to a much more serious offense of Cruelty.

On the evening of August 8th, our Humane Officer had received a call from a local police dept. stating that they were removing a female dog and her (5) 6 month old pups from a neglect situation. The Officer stated that this was one of the saddest cases he had seen as all the dogs were crammed into one medium sized wire crate and all were covered with feces and urine.

Once the Officer arrived at the shelter, we brought everyone inside and started assessing their issues. We set up food for the puppies, and they inhaled it as soon as it hit the bowl. The puppies were running from bowl to bowl searching for more. Their little bodies were so emaciated that you could count every rib and their hip bones and spines were very prominent.

The mom, Ice, and her puppies had urine burns between their toes and on the pads of their feet. Some had urine burns on their tummies too. Ice and a couple of her puppies had pressure sores on their bodies and their nails were stained yellow from standing in the urine soaked kennel.

Ice is a beautiful little Pittie who just has the sweetest temperament. Her thin white body was smeared with feces and stained yellow from the urine she was forced to live in. She was very hungry herself, but she waited until her babies had their fill. Once they were done, she waited for us to refill the bowl. Although she was very thin and hungry herself, she ate very slowly, and if one of her pups came by her, she backed away and let them have the food.

As each pup finished eating, we moved them into the bathing area and gave each one a much needed bath. Most of them just stood in the water and soaked, enjoying their “spa” moment. We finished up with one and moved on to the next. As we dried them and moved them to a larger room, they began to bounce around, playing chase with each other which I’m quite sure they had never had the chance before.

Most of the pups have since been adopted, Ice and one puppy remain available for adoption. As for the owner, charges are pending.