Dear Easter Bunny…


Bert and Ernie are super seniors who have been with us since early November, 2016. They arrived after being found tied to a park bench in Ohio and then taken to a high kill shelter there. They have multiple medical issues but still love to play together. We are looking for a hospice-type foster home for them, where they can live out the rest of their lives together with a loving family. The shelter will continue to support them financially as we do not want anyone to be deterred by their medical costs. We would like them to have a home with a fenced yard so that they can play ball like they love to do. They are good with other dogs and children.

Bert and Ernie

“Bert, I’ve been thinking, remember that letter we wrote to Santa a long time ago?”

“You mean the letter I wrote to Santa? Yes, I remember, and I think I know what you’re gonna say. You’re upset with Santa for not finding us a family.”

“No way, Bert! How could anyone ever be upset with Santa?! He brought us toys, remember? We LOVE toys! I just wonder if he got our letter, that’s all. I mean, we asked for a family and we still don’t have one, three months later!”

“Ernie, I just might have a new idea that could work for us. You know how at Christmastime, Santa delivers toys all over the world? We did get new toys! Maybe Santa just isn’t our guy. You know, maybe finding families isn’t his thing. BUT, I hear there’s another holiday just around the corner, and it’s about new beginnings!”

“NO WAY! That sounds like exactly what we need! Are you talking about Easter?! Isn’t there a bunny that comes for that one??? I LOVE BUNNIES!”

“ERNIE, you CANNOT eat the Easter Bunny. That’s not even funny!”

“I won’t eat the bunny, its not even funny, blah blah blah. So what good is this bunny, anyway, Bert?”

“Let’s forward our Dear Santa letter to him!!! Since Easter is about new beginnings, maybe he can figure out our new beginning!!! I just know this will work!”

Dear Santa,  Dear Easter Bunny,

It’s us! Bert and Ernie! We are writing to you because some of our friends told us that you are the guy who makes wishes come true. If that’s actually the case, we could really use your help.

“Tell him we need his phone number too, Bert!”

“Ernie, shhhh, I’m asking for an Easter Miracle here! BE QUIET!”

As I was saying, Mr. Bunny, we are kind of in need of an Easter Miracle. To be honest with you, Ernie and I don’t know if this might be our last Easter here on Earth. Bunny, do you have any really old friends who are sick? That’s sort of how we are. We don’t act sick though.

“No way Bunny, not actin’ sick at all! Nope! Love those tennis balls, Santa!”

“ERNIE! Shush! Actually, I think chasing tennis balls is our job. We don’t have another job, do we, Ernie?”

“I don’t think so, Bert. If we did have another job, I think we got fired from it. We spend all our time chasing toys, tennis balls, bones, whatever we can play with! That’s what we do, Bert!”

“Good point, Ernie. Now I remember correctly. We are retired. That’s what humans call it. We do things we enjoy, as often as possible. Yup. That’s what we are: Retired. Enough of this though, Ernie. I need to get back to our letter to the Easter Bunny if there’s any hope of us finding a family this Easter.”

So Mr. Bunny, I know you’re super busy, and I won’t take much more of your time. The short version is that we were left tied to a bench at a park in another state. We don’t know why. Ernie can be pretty silly sometimes, but he and I were both really good boys. We get along fantastically; we love other dogs, people, and even ignore cats! 

What more could a family want from two big old guys?! Anyway, after losing our family we wound up at a shelter where we heard they don’t usually let old guys like us live very long, whatever that means. They don’t have enough space for everyone and so the younger, healthier dogs get to stay and find families. I don’t know what usually happens to dogs like us, but we heard it wasn’t very good.

Well, somehow we got really lucky. Really, really lucky. A nice, nice, nice lady heard about us and asked another nice, nice, nice lady at Lakeland Animal Shelter if we could go stay there for awhile. Would you believe, this lady said “yes?!" So here we are, at Lakeland Animal Shelter! The great news is, they will give us a warm place to stay and nice meals until we find our new family, however long that may take. The bad news, Mr. Bunny, is that we have some pretty serious medical problems, so our time might be limited in other ways. We are both at least 12 years old, and the nice doggy doctor lady we saw when we came to Wisconsin didn’t have such great news.

“Bert! Stop telling him all the bad news- he’s supposed to bring new beginnings, remember?”

“I know, Ernie. I’m just being honest. Now let me finish this letter. The Easter Bunny has a lot to do this time of year!”

I know this is a tall order Mr. Bunny, but if you happen to know of any really kind people who would have room for two happy old dogs, that would be just the perfect new beginning for us! Don’t feel sorry for us, that’s not what this is about. We really would love to share the rest of our lives with people who can accept us and love us for who we are: a couple of old guys, looking for their second chance.

Hurry, Santa Easter Bunny, before it’s too late!

Sincerely, Your Pals - Bert & Ernie

While about half of the dogs and cats who wrote letters to Santa in December 2016 have been adopted, the others are still with us, waiting to find their forever family. We will be forwarding their letters to the Easter Bunny as well!
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