Charismatic Canine Adoption: Mr. Magoo!

Canine Adoption Success Story: Mr. Magoo!

Cooper, now named Mr. Magoo, or Goo to his new family was adopted in October of 2016. Almost a full year later, he is happily settled into his forever home. Here's an update from his loving family:

He is such a good dog and gets along well with our other senior, Calvin. They are both around 13 or so.

Goo’s back legs and knees don’t work so well, so we are getting a halter to aid us getting his back end up from the floor. We plan on trying some dog socks to see how that works, too.

This big ol' boy likes to sleep a lot, and he is deaf, so he “talks” a lot to us. We mostly know what he is talking about now.

He also doesn’t like to be left alone. Sometimes, if we walk out of the room that he is laying in, he lets us know. We look into the room he is in and head back in, which makes him happy.

We LOVE the old man to death, even when he leaves a trail of poo as he is walking to the door to go out!  Mostly, you'll find him laying in his bed with his favorite “raggity” dog to keep him company.

Mr Magoo & his raggity dog
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