Charismatic Canine Adoption: Brutus!

Charismatic Canine Adoption: Brutus!

Hi! This is Brutus, yeah “that” Brutus. I hear everyone has been asking about how I’m doing, so here is an update.

I came to Lakeland as a neglect case with my sibling. We were kept for almost a year, while the courts sorted everything out. After that, my sibling got to go a new home, but I needed extra care.

I needed surgery on both my back legs. The first one went well. It was tough to walk at first, so all hands were on deck to get me up and going when I needed to go out.

After awhile, it was time for the other leg. This one was not much fun because I got an infection. About the time the infection was getting better, I bloated, and my stomach flipped.

I was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. I made it through the surgery but was partially paralyzed for a couple days. It was scary.

Slowly, with everyone’s help at the shelter, I started to “walk” again. I was kind of a big mess, but I slowly got back to my lovable, demanding self and it was time to find a home.

I had fun with everyone fawning over me when they came by but had no luck, so I went home with a guy that hung out with me at the shelter as a “foster”.

My foster home had both a lab and a great dane as part of the family. We had a few issues, at first, but they were soon sorted out. Everything was going great, until my new lab friend got sick and went to heaven. I missed him, and my dane friend really missed him.

My foster parents prayed on it and believed adopting me was a good thing coming from a sad time, so I was officially a foster fail! Things went smoothly, until the popcorn incident. Apparently it’s not a good idea to eat a whole unopened Christmas tin of popcorn at one time. We were off again on another ride to the emergency room!

Luckily, I didn’t need surgery this time, alternative methods were used, but dad was not happy with me. After that, it was smooth sailing for a while, but before long, I developed crystals in my man parts. Yes, another surgery. If you are keeping a count, that’s 4 surgeries in less than a year. I felt like Norm from Cheers. When I go to Lake Geneva Animal, everyone knows my name.

I’m feeling better now, though. I’ve even taking up painting!

Brutus relaxing next to his masterpiece

A Word From the Owner

We feel so blessed to have Brutus with us. Everyone loves him. I can’t say enough thanks to everyone at Lake Geneva Animal Hospital for all the love they've shown toward this guy. I think all the staff helped in one way or another. They are truly people who care!

As far as Lakeland Animal Shelter, I think Brutus is a testament to the love and passion for animals that bonds us as a shelter family and proves what the shelter is all about.

Not individuals or egos, but animals. Are we perfect, no - but it is a team I’m proud to be a part of. To see everyone tend to him when he had his low points was very moving. A friend at the shelter said “he’s your dog, he belongs with you - his guardian angel." 

I think of Brutus as the shelter’s dog, I just have the privilege of looking after him now. Here, he will always have a place where everyone knows his name!


To learn more on how you can help animals find great forever homes, like Brutus did, head over to our Capital Campaign page.