July - December 2012 Success Stories


Peterbilt arrived at the shelter as a stray in March of 2011. Being large and strong, Peter was hard for some of our staff and volunteers to handle. After rounds of the Bright Futures Obedience Classes and field trips with my human friends, he was doing much better behaviorally.  After 6 long months and a visit to the local Walworth County Fair, Peter found his forever home! He is doing great! Peter follows his new dad Gary around everywhere and loves to cuddle! He loves car rides and sitting on the couch watching television. He has even found a new friend in a little Chihuahua named Bella. Bella can be sassy at times and Peter minds his manners and gives her kisses! He also listens very well and has had no problem adjusting to his new home!


Scott arrived at the shelter as a stray in January of 2011. No owner came forward to claim this handsome, all white BIG boy.  After waiting a year, he was adopted in January 2012. Unfortunetly, late spring, his new owner had to move and couldn't take him, or the other 3 cats she adopted from the shelter with her. When he was supposed to come back to the shelter, he escaped from the residence and wasn't able to be found. Then, in August, Scott ended up as a stray at a local vet clinic. They scanned him and found his microchip and called us to come get him! Scott was loaded with parasites and had lost a lot of weight, but was happy to be back to safety at the shelter. He was quickly adopted and is now in his new home!

Helen "Ellie"


Helen, now Ellie, is settling in just great in her new home. Helen arrived at the shelter as a stray in January of 2011. She went into a staff foster home for observation and learned she was mostly blind, hard of hearing and scared of loud noises and fast movements. Though difficult for her to see, she had no problems finding her food, water or litter box. While at the shelter, she was offered dry food, but preferred canned. Helen was recently adopted on October 15th, 2012, after waiting 633 days to find her forever home. Her adopters email and said “She settled in immediately and has already wandered around the house and then found her way back to her bed/food/litter area.  We could not be more happy and my husband is just in heaven to have such a loving, willing snuggler!”


Jimmi was surrendered to the shelter in November of 2011 due to barking. Jimmi was very shy and overwhelmed being in the shelter it took him months to adjust to his new settings. Many of the volunteers fell in love with him and worked to socialize him. After being at the shelter for 305 days, Jimmi was adopted into a loving home with his new best friend.


Rose was surrendered to the shelter in January of 2011. Her previous family was moving and couldn't take her with. She lived in the home with two other cats, but didn't really get along with other dogs that well. Rose enjoyed her time at the shelter going on car rides to Madison, and to outreach events in Walworth County and the surrounding area. Rose was adopted this September and her new mom emailed us saying "We adopted rose a couple weeks back. Everything is going great with her! She's getting along great with the family, neighbors & even the cat. I thought I would take a second and forward a picture of her with our son on a recent boat ride. I think Rose was smiling the entire time!"


Pretty Babette arrived at the shelter as a stray in August 2011. This sweet girl had come a long way in the year she had been awaiting a new family to come scoop her up! She completed several rounds of Bright Futures Obedience classes and knew all her basic commands. Although Babette has had playtime with other shelter dogs, she can be dominant with others. While out on lots of field trips with her best friend and handler Lisa, including going to local parks, the Walworth County Fair, and PetSmart in Madison, Babette continued to look for a new family to adopt her. The day finally came when a gentleman and his son came to the shelter to look. They saw and fell in love with Babette, and took her for a sleepover. You see, for as long as Babette was in the shelter, and her coming in as a stray and no owner coming forward, we never knew how she was going to do in a home environment. Luckily she did great and loves her new home and her new family!


Sampson was surrendered to the shelter in September with another dog named Drake. Their previous owners didn't have a place to have them any longer, so they brought them to the shelter to find a new family. We recently heard from his adopter with good news! "We adopted Sampson (Sam) in late September, and we know that you like hearing success stories. Sam is doing great. He is no longer skidding and unsure of fast movements (in fact, he runs around like a nut if you make any because he thinks its time to play!), and is adjusting very well being a part of our family. We have even caught him watching TV. He is starting be socialized around other dogs and already has a couple of girlfriends. He has made a place in our hearts, and on our sofa."


Ramsey, now Ramzee, originally arrived at the shelter as a stray in January of 2011. No owner came forward to claim him, so we placed him up for adoption! He was quickly scooped up, but after a few months, ended up not being a good addition to the family. The owner returned him to the shelter to find a more suitable home. After waiting 4 months and getting to know the volunteers really well, and going through our Bright Futures obedience class, Ramsey was scooped up yet again, and this time for good! "He is such a sweet snuggly boy and just now starting to come out of his shell. He LOVES the game of frisbee and is able to jump up and catch it in the air! Him and Penny Lane didn't always see eye to eye when he first came into our home but with time and love things became, as you can see, much more relaxed now. Both our adopt-a-bulls came from you and we couldn't be more thankful for their second chance because of the amazing and dedicated work everyone there does."
Thank you for giving our boy a second chance!