January - June 2014 Success Stories


Daisy arrived at the shelter as a stray in April of 2013. After taking months to adjust to our environment and a few mishaps along the way, Daisy went into a great foster home in November 2013 to see how she'd do in a home environment. And just like we had hoped, Daisy did amazing, even with her 3 new canine friends. The foster family fell in love with her and decided they couldn't let her go, so they adopted her in January 2014! Congrats Daisy!







Jezzie arrived at the shelter as a stray in March of 2011. One of our volunteers found her at his office in Lake Geneva and brought her in to see if someone was missing her. Unfortunetaly, no one was. Jezzie was not a fan of our environment, she preferred her own space and wasn't a fan of the other felines. After years had passed, an adopter came in looking for just one cat and fell in love with Jezzie! We got an update from her adopter! "I am the over the moon adopter of Jezzie, now Jazzie! She moved right in after a two hour car ride with only three little meows. Every morning we have a rousing game of kill the feather toy. She loves my lap at reading and TV time. Thank you Lakeland Animal Shelter for keeping her until I could find her. She is very happy I think in her forever home. I just thought I would write an update on Jezzie/Jazzie on her one month anniversary with me. We are delightfully happy with each other. She has earned the nickname Ms Zoom for morning runs through the apartment. We still have a great game of kill the feather toy every day and she is beginning to sleep at the foot of the bed. I love her. Purrs from Jazzie."


Reuben arrived at the shelter as a stray in June 2013, no one came looking for this silly guy, so we placed him up for adoption. Reuben needed a lot of obedience work, so he went into a foster home for awhile until he could find a forever family! Luckily that happend for Reuben, and he was adopted in January 2014! He sent an update! "Hi it's me Rueben checking in. I am making myself right at home. Most of the time I am a very good boy but sometimes my mama's slippers get the best of me. My new brother Borris and I are best of buds, mostly because I am very patient. Thank you Pilar and everyone that took such good care of me when I was visiting Lakeland. I love my cousins too! I just love everybody"


BB King

BB arrived at the shelter as a stray in November of 2012. No one came looking for this handsome, strong guy so we placed him up for adoption. With waiting over a year for someone to fall in love with him, BB became best friends with one of the volunteers, Lisa and her son Parker. Lisa had such a hard time day after day of BB being here, so she decided to adopt him! Congrats BB, you couldn't have asked for a better home!



Melanie & Jim

Melanie & Jim arrived at the shelter as strays in 2011 and 2010. They had both tested positive for FIV and had no prospects of adoption, so one of the staff members, Caty, took them home to foster them. After being in foster care for almost 3 years, it was really time to bring them back to the shelter and place them up for adoption in the "Positively Perfect" adoption room, which was a hit! Mel and Jim were chosen and adopted by a great family with some little kids for them to snuggle with! Congrats Mel and Jim!


Cait arrived at the shelter as a stray in January 2002! She was found wandering on a property, so the owner caught her and brought her in. Cait went into a foster home for socialization, then was returned for adoption. Sadly, Cait would come out for attention, but did not like to be held by anyone. Years and years went by, and Cait was overlooked many times. She got older and older, but finally in February 2014, a nice lady came in and wanted to adopt one of the longer term resident cats! Cait was a perfect pick for her! Congratulations Cait!



Olivia arrived at the shelter as a stray in September 2013. After no one came looking for her, Olivia was placed up for adoption and given a new BFF Amy and enrolled in the Bright Futures Obedience Class. After months of work and searching for a new family for Olivia, she met her match in February 2014! Her new adopter Jill fell in love with her and adopted her! Olivia is doing great in her new home with her new mom! Congrats Olivia!



Ivan arrived at the shelter as a stray in August of 2013. He wasn't the happiest camper after being caught and kept in a garage at the police station until someone could come get him. He quickly made friends with one of the staff, Lynn. Ivan strugged a bit to adjust to life in the shelter after no one came looking for him and he was placed up for adoption. He hadn't had much socialization or handling, so we had our work cut out for us. But, lucky for Ivan, the staff and volunteers loved him! He was recently adopted in March and is doing well in his new home!


China was one of over 40 cats that was removed from a local home in March of 2010. China was very undersocialized and needed a lot of time to adjust. China was a resident cat in our Cat Colony for a few years before one of the staff was able to take her into foster care until we could find a new home for her. After a few weeks, Caty (her foster mom) saw China slowly come out of her shell, and even let her pet her, which was something we were never able to do at the shelter. After many pleas to Santa and Cupid, China's wish for a new family finally came true in April of 2014! Congratulations China, thank you for waiting so patienlty for 4 years to find your new home!




Pumpkin arrived at the shelter as a stray in October 2013. This sweet girl had a great personalitiy, but wasn't the best with other dogs. Pumpkin was enrolled in our Bright Futures Obedience class with her new BFF, volunteer Lisa. For months Pumpkin worked on her skills to help better place her when that special person came to find her, and all that work payed off in April when Pumpkin was adopted! Congratulations Pumpkin!





Corona was surrendered to the shelter in January when he wasn't getting along with the children in the home he was placed in. Shelter life was not an easy adjustment for Corona. Though he was taken out to different outreach events, he didn't like having to come back to the shelter, back to his cage. Lucky for Corona, two volunteers, Joe and Diane, fell in love with him. They started taking him on weekend sleepovers, which turned into a permanent stay! Congratulations Corona!



Levi arrived at the shelter as a stray in February after running for weeks on busy Highway 12 in Lake Geneva. This handsome guy was given away to a farm, where he quickly escaped and no one went looking for him. After he was caught in the live trap by the Humane Officer, he was escorted to the animal shelter. Levi ended up having a microchip which helped us get some information about his previous home. Levi slowly came around to some of the staff, but really warmed up to the Director, Kristen, and her daughter, Hope. Kristen took Levi home, and he's been there ever since!




Jet arrived at the shelter as a stray in August 2013. No one came looking for Jet. He ended up testing positive for Heartworm, so we were looking for a foster to adopt home for him so he could start his treatment. Jet finally found that in October of 2013! He started his heartworm treatments and tested negative in April!




Millie arrived at the shelter as a stray in January 2013. She had an infected ear which had resulted in an ear hematoma. Having to keep a close eye on her ear to prevent further damage, Millie wasn't warming up the best the staff. Every time she saw one of us that cleaned her ears, she went running! After being in our car for 14 months, a nice young couple came to the shelter and fell in love with Millie and adopted her! Congratulations Millie!





Bo arrived at the shelter originally as a stray in April of 2013. He was quickly adopted, but sadly returned in December because he kept running away. Bo again was adopted out a few short weeks late, but returned 3 months later when he was showing protectiveness issues with the children in the home. Knowing all these new facts about Bo helped us place him again! Bo is doing great in his new home and enjoys all the walks in downtown Lake Geneva!



Brody was returned to the shelter in July 2013 after his previous adopter passed away. Brody had been surrendered to the shelter in 2006, and waited for Bill to come find him in 2007. Brody had 6 great years with Bill. Brody was a favorite with staff and volunteers, but wasn't a fan of children or some strangers. Shortly into 2014, a past adopter came and met Brody and fell in love. He brought his past adopted dog, MC in to meet Brody and they became friends! Brody went for a sleepover and stayed! Congratulations Brody! We are so happy for you!



Haven arrived at the shelter as a stray in September 2013. Haven here had quite the little attitude and was in much need of fostering, so one of our dedicated Cat Volunteers, Martha, took her home! After months of work, Haven changed her attitude and a family came and fell in love with her!




Lady was surrendered to the shelter in March when she was sold over craigslist. Lady wasn't adjusting to the children in the home, so they felt it was better to bring her to the shelter so we could find her a better matched home. After 1 failed attempt in one home, we found a great match for Lady in early May! They sent us an update a few days after her adoption, "Thank you for our new Family Member! Lady is now Bayleigh, and we want you to know how wonderful she is doing, how much she is loved, and how happy she is! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!"