January - June 2013 Success Stories

Rupert & Charlie

Rupert & Charlie were surrendered to the shelter in January when their previous owners were moving and could not take them with. These sweet boys were together their whole lives and we just didn't have the heart to spilt them up, so we were determined to find them a home together! Lucky for us, we didn't have to wait too long for someone to come and fall in love with them! 11 days after arriving they were adopted! Here is an update from the adopters! "After losing our Dog Zipper the past fall we started to look for a new companion.  Little did we know that we would get two new companions!  My girlfriend told me that we needed two good dogs to replace one great one and we have them in Rupert and Charlie. They have been a wonderful addition to our lives! Charlie (depending on how silly he is we sometimes call him Charles) is the social butterfly.  He loves his big brother Rupert and must always keep watch for him.  Rupert (Ru-Ru, Ru-bear) is the studious one.  He takes in all his surroundings and oversees what is happening in “his” world. The “boys” have had to learn a lot of new things since they came to live with us.  They LOVE to have a greenie as a snack each morning and their teeth have become glistening white.  We also introduced them to rawhide bones.  Rupert is a bone hoarder.  If both of the boys get a rawhide you will find a stack of them by Rupert and Charlie will have none.  Charlie doesn’t mind at all.  He is just content in whatever is happening in the moment.  Rupert found the bag of BIG rawhides that we have for our Coonhound Grandpuppies, Lady Bird and Bullet.  He decided that he was a “Big Dog” too and has one the carries around all the time. They are amazing snugglers.  On our way home from Lakeland, Rupert found his way inside a pillow case in the back seat of the car and used it as a sleeping bag. They both can get under blankets and get themselves so tightly tucked in you cannot find them. Sometimes all you can see are two dachshund butts! This winter we introduced them to our ATV.  When Rod would plow snow with it, I would sit on the back and hold one dog at a time so they could get a ride.  This spring we were able to take them on our first ATV trip in our camper too!  They absolutely loved it.  We bought an oversized laundry basket and they both road in it for 98 miles on the ATV Cheese Trails by Monroe WI. Their newest adventure is learning to ride on our Harley’s.  They love going for a ride in their t-bags and on the bikes. They even have “doggles"!


Magnolia arrived at the shelter as a stray in August of 2011. Though she was a little bit older, you would have never known based on her love to play. When no one came looking for her, she quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite and they were determined to find her a new home. During her stay, Magnolia was diagnosed with a Grade 1 Heart murmur during an exam for a rabies vaccination. On top of that, she needed a dental. Her visit to the veterinary clinic ended with losing 9 teeth. Then, her day finally came on January 26th, 2013. A family that had previously adopted came in to find a new friend and fell in love with Magnolia. Her new family reports "Magnolia is doing great! She made herself right at home immediately.   We may have had her for only four weeks now, but we don’t know what we would do without her.  She has been so happy since she got here and she enjoys exploring as much of the house as she can. She is definitely a cuddle bug, her favorite place to sleep is right on your chest or right next to us in bed.  She may be eleven now, but you wouldn’t know that by the way she likes to run around and play (her latest favorite toy seems to be her tail lol).  She has a lot of kitten left in her.  With all that energy comes a healthy appetite and she will definitely let you know when she wants to eat.  We can barely get her food in the dish before she’s ready to dig in. When she isn’t running around or eating she loves to nap on the furniture (usually in my spot on the couch) or in one of her hiding spots." They have also found she enjoys watching the printer while it's printing!

Blackberry & Coyote

Blackberry arrived at the shelter in May of 2012 as a stray. She patiently waited to be adopted and was transferred up to one of our satellite adoption centers at PetSmart in Madison. She didn't have to wait too long before a family came in and fell in love with her. At the same time, they also saw another cat named Coyote. Coyote arrived at the shelter as a stray in August 2012 with a large wound on his side. Coyote was very unhappy upon his arrival and wouldn't let the staff handle him for a few weeks. To get antibiotics and ointment to him, we had to use a fake hand and a pole to care for him. Lucky for us, Coyote began trusting us and let us care for him by hand! After a short few months, his wound cleared up and he was also transferred to our satellite adoption center at PetSmart in Madison! Though he wasn't completely comfortable their first visit, when the family came back to adopt Blackberry, Coyote decided to ask for attention, and they fell in love with him too! Both cats have now been in their home since February!
We have received a few messages from the adopters!
Yesterday my husband, son, daughter and I were at Pet Smart in Madison looking for a cuddly cat for our daughter who is 11. Initially when we walked in my husband and I were drawn to Coyote. He was sweet and mellow. However he was less than thrilled about my daughter holding on to him. SO we continued to look around and met Blackberry who snuggled right up to my daughter. Today we returned to pick up Blackberry......Coyote stood up and greeted me with a soft Meow when we entered the cat area. He walked over to the door of the cage and started rubbing up against the cage as if to say "Hey I remember you" Needless to say I left the store with BOTH Blackberry and Coyote. Since we got home Coyote has been sweet and letting our 8 year old son haul him around. Coyote has taken over my son's closet as his "safe place" Blackberry and my daughter are cuddled up in her room. Blackberry is right at home on her bed. (Our other cat Huey is not quite as thrilled as the rest of us, but I am sure he will adjust)


Amelia arrived at the shelter as a stray June 2012 with 6 kittens! All the kittens were adopted and Amelia patiently waited for her turn. While waiting, she was transfered to one of our satelite adoption centers at Petsmart in Delavan. She was there for a short time before someone came in and fell in love with her. She was adopted in February! Her new owner has messaged us a few times giving us updates! She LOVES her kitty tower The ONLY thing that has spooked her was the ceiling fan when it was turning on or shutting down . She has explored her new home & has taken up birdwatching & squirrel watching from the kitty tower She is honestly the most easy going & relaxed girl, even the ride home didn't phase her. Her purr sounds like a helicopter And she is such a talkative girl !!!!!!! My grandgirl said her meows sound like a goat,LOLOL....and I must admit I agree !!!
Thank you again for our wonderful girl.