January - June 2012 Success Stories


I was surrendered to the shelter in June of 2011. My previous family was supposed to be moving and they couldn’t take all the dogs they had with them. I was the one that was picked that was to be surrendered. When they dropped me off at the shelter, they assumed I would be just fine, but I wasn’t . After weeks of not adjusting, being depressed and not very nice in my kennel, the staff called my previous owner to see if they could take me back. The owners were concerned, but were not able to take me back. After that, the staff became determined to help me adjust. After months of time, I started coming around. I didn’t show very well in my kennel, so I didn’t have a lot of people ask about me, until December rolled around, a nice lady came in and fell in love with me. She had experience with the Shar-Pei breed and just couldn’t bear to see me in the kennel. I was adopted on December 31st, just in time for New Years!


I arrived at the shelter in May of 2011, I was found wandering around with an injury. When I arrived at the shelter they were able to quickly diagnose me with a prolapsed uterus. They brought me to the vet just to get it check out, and all that could be done was to wait and put some ointment on my injury. After a few weeks I was all better. Then, a few months after that I walked too closely to another dogs kennel and she got ahold of my ear. I ended up at the vet again and got stitches that time! Good thing I do great in the car and at the vet! I waited months and months for someone to come and meet me. I had a lot of interest, you see it’s not every day an American Bulldog winds up in a shelter, but from all the interest I received, no one came through to adopt me until February 2012. A family saw me and fell in love, but the battle was did I get along with their other two dogs? After many meetings, the boys and I were getting along just fine! The family with three little girls took me home and we couldn’t be happier!


I arrived at the shelter in September of 2011. I was left in the back kennels at the shelter; all I had on was my collar and an old Rabies Vaccination tag. The staff got to work and called the vet to find out more information about me. They learned my owners name and phone number, and attempted to contact them with no luck. I remained at the shelter for many months until a great family came in and met me in March. They couldn’t resist and just had to take me home! Now I live with a family whom I love very much!


I arrived at the shelter in October of 2009, and I was not feeling very well. The staff thought right away that I either had a liver infection or a urinary tract infection. They started me on antibiotics rightaway and put me on a special diet. The staff cleared up my original infection, but I ended up getting a few more after that. I was switched to a canned food only diet and did much better after that! I was moved into the adoptable Cat Room and placed up for adoption. The staff found out at that point that I was great with dogs, but didn’t really care for other cats. That made it harder for me to find a home.
After 2 years, I still hadn’t found my forever home. One of the staff members decided that we should try placing me up for adoption at our adoption center at PetSmart in Madison. Lucky me, I was only up there for just about two months before someone came in and fell in love with me!


Elmo & Avitar







Avitar arrived at the shelter in in October of 2009, she was surrendered to the shelter when her owner couldn’t keep her any longer. She was very shy when she arrived, and didn’t adjust very well. The staff was determined to help me adjust, so they tried to spend a lot of time with me helping me adjust to my new kennel life. They gave me a friend, which did help, and I slowly came out of my shell. After about a year, they decided to bring me to their adoption center at PetSmart in Delavan. I was there for a few months, and they could tell that I didn’t like being there, so they brought me back to the shelter. I was given a new cage mate, and was much happier back at the shelter.
Elmo arrived as a stray in March of 2011. Such a pretty boy he was, no owner came forward to claim him. Elmo was very scared when he arrived, and took a long time to adjust. I finally found a home in November, but was only there for a few weeks. I did not adjust in that home, and hid under their bed and didn’t come out. When I came back to the shelter, the staff started working with me again with my socialization and brought me in the Cat Colony Room. Luckily I wasn’t in that room too long before someone came in and saw me. Elmo and Avitar have been in their forever homes since February of 2012. They are the only kitties in the home and are doing very well!


Luther arrived at the shelter in mid-April as a stray. He had been abandoned on a residences property with another dog. The resident already had a few dogs and just couldn’t take on two more. Luther was a shy guy that loved attention. We hoped it wouldn’t take long for him to find his forever home. He was out for a walk one day with a volunteer when a family that had been looking at another dog took a seat on a bench in the yard. Luther walked up to the gentleman and jumped on the bench and sat down right next to him. The family adopted Luther at the end of the following week! The family said it’s like he’s been with them the whole time!


Coal arrived at the shelter in August of 2010. He was such a sweet and loving guy the staff was shocked when no one came forward to claim him. After a few months, we noticed Coal started to lose some of his hair. He constantly groomed himself due to stress, and the hair just wasn’t growing back. We ended up putting Coal in our Cat Colony thinking he wouldn’t be as stressed living in an environment where he was free to roam. Coal resided in the Cat Colony for over a year and the hair he lost did not grow back. Our volunteers Kim & Ashley fell in love with him and so did her mom, he was adopted in April and is doing extremely well in his new home. Kim has emailed with updates and reports that “He is growing hair back in all of his bald spots. He looks great and my mom totally adores him. He has the coolest personality. He is like a dog and follows her around and comes when he is called. He is busy all day and jumps all over the place. It was a perfect match! He runs around all the time and sits in her lap whenever she is sitting down. He is extremely affectionate and I think he loves the attention. My mom is home most of the time, so he has someone with him a lot. She also has two dogs and he plays with one of them quite a bit. They are really cute together.”




On a warm day in October 2011 our Humane Officer was dispatched to a local Veterinary clinic to pick up a stray dog. Low and behold when she arrived a pretty black and white Pit Bull waited not so patiently for her to arrive. After waiting a week and having no one show up to claim this girl, she was named Petunia and placed up for adoption. With many months of work from staff and one special volunteer, Amy, Petunia found her forever family. “It's official! Petunia is no longer in a foster home or on an extended sleepover....she's been adopted. I would like to thank her new parents as well as Mack and Roman the kitty for giving her a second chance at a happy life. She is so content with her new family and it warms my heart to be able to witness this change in her life. Petunia, thank you for being such a sweet girl and for showing me your intelligence, loyalty and ability to love so deeply. I learned from you just as you learned from me. Another piece of my heart is taken by the love of a pit bull. Also, thank you to Sarah for making Petunia my student and for being there for her on the days that I couldn't be. I thank God for the blessing to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals, but mostly I thank God for the difference they make in my life. This is a happy happy day!” Petunia’s new family said “Thank you for giving us the chance to really get to know Petunia. She is a wonderful girl and has opened our hearts. We are looking forward to many, many happy years with her. This is just the beginning of her new life.” They recently updated us and said “1year ago today you officially became a part of our family Petunia. We promise to always love you, provide you with the care you need. We promise to always provide you with a warm, soft place to live and sleep. You have brought us so much joy, love and laughs, and we are looking forward to many more years with you. You are an amazing addition to our family. We will never leave you, our promise to you the day we adopted you and for all the years to come.”