2010 Success Stories


I arrived at the shelter in December of 2009, I was an older kitten and I was not in good health. I was pretty sick and in need to antibiotics. The staff took me in and started helping me right away. They tried many different medications and for the most part they worked, but I got sick quiet often. Though I was sick a lot, I had an incredible personality. I was very outgoing and full of energy. I got along very well with other cats, and had my fair share of cage mates while I waited for someone to adopt me. I waited a year for someone to come in and fall in love with me.
Then it finally happened. One of the Animal Shelters long time Volunteers came in looking for a new kitty and fell I love with me. She brought me to the vet to get my condition checked out and see why I was getting sick all the time. The vet diagnosed me with a polyp in my nose that was causing me to get sick all the time. They scheduled me for surgery to have it removed. Once I recovered I was all better!