Lakeland’s Bullies

We care for all breeds of dogs here at Lakeland Animal Shelter, but did you know that we almost always have a large amount of  “pitbull type” dogs here? Unfortunately, many people view these dogs all the same when they are actually each individuals with their own type of personality. We have an amazing group of volunteers and staff members who go above and beyond to work with all of our dogs here but especially for the bully breed. In fact, most of our volunteers and staff members all have dogs of the bully breed type in their own family, some even have more than one! We love working with the underdog but what we love even more is to find these “pitbull type” dogs forever homes! If you can open your home to an amazing dog who has endless love to give, then please read about each bully we currently have available for adoption or in a foster home. Email Lynn for more information or with any questions on any of these dogs featured below.


Hi, my name is Princess!  I'm a very special girl in search of my special forever family. I'm a very young princess who has spent over half of my 2 years of life living at the shelter. I know that might make you sad, but actually it's been the best time of my life so far! The shelter staff thinks I was what they call "not socialized" when I was young and therefore I had some fears about strangers and meeting new people that I didn't know. That made my arrival at the shelter a little difficult for me, but once I made some friends, I started coming out of my shell more and more and realizing that friends can be quite awesome! I've lost count, but I think I've made about 20 new friends in staff and volunteers and dog walkers who I trust with my whole heart.

My friend Amy has learned a lot about me.  She's my best friend, and she knows how to introduce me to new friends so that I feel safe. She's learned that it's really not that difficult. Just walk with me and somebody I trust a few times, give me some treats here and there (actually, the more the better), and I'll come to you and let you know when I'm ready for you to pet me. The great thing about me is that once I have made my friendship with you, I just love you and love you and kiss you and kiss you from that point forward. You'll have a new friend for life! I also might stalk your vehicle in the shelter parking lot and beg you for a ride. I'm pretty observant and know my friend's vehicles.

I am good with cats. I can be good with other dogs depending on the other dog. In fact, I have a bestest friend named Argos here at the shelter. We get to play everyday together in the fenced in area. He's looking for his forever family, just like me, so we understand each other. Thanks for taking time to read my story. If you could help me find my forever family and a soft place to lay me head at night, I'd be forever grateful! Oh, and if they have a treat jar, that would be so awesome!

xoxo Princess