Dear Santa

2017 Dear Santa

Dear Santa:
This is your friend, Dixon. My Christmas list isn’t very long this year, even though I’ve been a very good kitty. All I really want this Christmas is to find that special home that will love me fur-ever.
Everyone at Lakeland Animal Shelter has been wonderful to me, but there is no place like a H-O-M-E for the holidays. When I first arrived at Lakeland I was fearful. So many other cats, so many new noises that it took a while for me to settle in. But now I’m the first kitty to give you a high-five when you walk past my cage. I’ve learned that if I stick my paw out, my caregivers always say, “Give me five, Dixon!” I’m not the flashiest kitty at Lakeland – my picture probably won’t make a calendar cover; but my caregivers have noticed my big heart and my beautiful blue/green eyes. I’m always the first one to jump on your lap and I’m never in any hurry to leave you.
I’m making friends with all my buddies here at Lakeland, but Santa I’m still looking for that special person that will know I belong in their family. So Santa, if you could find that family who would enjoy a high-fiving-feline, my holiday would be purrrrrrrfect.
Thank you Santa! I’m counting on you!


Dear Santa
It's Dibo aka "Diby" as my friends call me, All I want for Christmas is a forever family of my very own.
I came to Lakeland this summer and I was very shy and timid because I wasn't sure why i was there. Then eventually I was adopted for a short time and became very attached very quickly. You see I get very sad and anxious when I'm left alone because i just love my people and it is scary being left alone, but I'm sure once I settle in and know that they will always come back I'll be fine.
I love to cuddle up on the couch and watch tv with my humans and when they are not looking I sneak in their bed because I love warm cozy places.
I'm very happy when I'm with someone, I love treats and I'm not fussy about that and toys oh I love toys ! Except I don't like to share so being the only dog in the home is probably the best thing. Oh, and walks! I love walks and play time in what they call the pasture here at Lakeland I could run around all day long.
And did I mention cuddles .... I love that more than anything so please Santa a family of my very own I'm trying really hard to be a good and patient boy.


Dear Santa
My name is Linus, I’m not only newer to the Shelter but also new to most people’s idea of a house Pet. I’m pretty low in the activity field, I don’t run (unless I’m being chased and even that is a stretch) but what I am up for is a nice leisurely stroll.
I think you and I have a lot in common, we both have big bellies (wait til you see mine), we both love making people happy and we both love our sleep (I saw the one show where you decided to skip Christmas and stay in bed) and If I’m being honest, my bed IS my all time favorite place to be.
I am such a ham when it comes to making people laugh, people really do love me, lets face it, I’m a Hunk a, Hunk a burning Love and the chicks go wild when I enter the room. People see me and they go nuts, taking my picture, taking selfies with me and you know what, I just eat it all up, I should have been named Elvis!
I can be a bit noisy when I’m ready for a stroll or need some attention. I’m a vegetarian and can be a porker when it comes to my favorite foods.
As I said before, I love my bed, I just plop right down, get all snuggly under the covers and slip right away into a blissful slumber.
I really am very low maintenance, I don’t ask for much just a nice comfy bed, some veggies, a few fruits, a nice scratch behind the ear and a pat on the side.
Well Santa that’s pretty much everything anyone needs to know about me, oh wait did I forget to mention that I’m a Pig? Yep, guess that’s pretty important to know. I am a 5 year old Pot Belly Pig, rather large (I’m about 200+ pounds and I AM AN INSIDE PIG).
I am housebroken and will let you know when I have to go potty. I will let you know when I’m hungry and my person will need to keep my diet pretty strict so that I don’t become obese.
If you know of anyone that doesn’t mind a laid back kinda guy, someone who would rather stay in and veg out in front of the tv then send them my way please!
If you are interested in adopting Linus please apply at


Dear Santa,
Princess here again. Santa, I hate to keep bothering you with all these letters and, I know this is my fourth writing you, but I still really need a home! Yes, I know that I have had a lot of opportunities to make new friends over the years, but none of them have been just right for me! Maybe I should be a little more specific this year about who would be my perfect match!
Let me remind you that I had kind of a sheltered start to life, and wasn’t really socialized until I was almost a year old! That lack of social skills with new people has stuck with me over the years, and even though I love a lot of staff and volunteers, they can’t give me a home. I’m really looking for a sweet person or couple who don’t have children. It’s not that I don’t like children, but more so that I really need structure and can be very afraid of unpredictable behavior. It takes quite a while for me to get comfortable with new people so, I just want to make sure that when I find the right person for me, I don’t do anything to mess it up!
However, I would be open to having a canine brother! I mean If he doesn’t mind getting bossed around or when I steal his toys-he’s hired! I think I could also tolerate having a cat friend, as long as they don’t try to steal my toys!
I just started a new diet too Santa, and I’m not sure if I’m digging it yet. Can you imagine not being able to have any Christmas Cookies? They are making me eat veggies Santa! VEGGIES! I know my weight has been up and down, well up more than down but it’s winter weight, right?!?
So Santa, please bring me that special someone who can see past my rough exterior and get to know the sensitive little cuddle bug that I truly am!
With Love,


Dear Santa Claws,
Elton here, writing to you from the Adoption Room. I haven't been at the shelter long, only about six months. But I'm not writing to you for me, I'm writing to you for Sally. Sally came here two years ago, when I was only a kitten! Like I said I haven't been here long, but since I got here Sally's been really nice to me, and she's not nice to everyone. But once you get to know her I promise Sally is super relaxed and nice, really funny too. But lately it seems like she thinks she's never gonna be adopted. The shelter is much better then living outside, but a family (sigh) now that's what we're all hoping for. I know Sally wants a family, she doesn't say it, but she wants one as much as anyone else. As much as me, I mean I'm nothing special. I'm just Elton from the streets.
So, Santa, please find Sally a family. One that knows how she likes fountain water, and belly rubs, but only for a little while. That she loves looking out the window, and sitting in boxes, and laying on a shelf with her front paws hanging off the edge.
...and okay. I know there are a lot of homeless animals, here and otherwise. But if there's someone out there. Someone with a lap. I really to snuggle with visitors and volunteers, so if you find someone out there who wants someone to sleep with them on the cold winter nights and greet them with tiny dancing paws when they get home, could you send them my way.
Love and Kitty Kisses,

Dear Santa.
Hey Santa it’s Rocky. Now Santa, I would love to write you this letter saying that I have been the best boy ever, but that just wouldn’t be the truth. You see, I have some slightly sassy tendencies that I’ve showcased this past year and I’m not proud of it. But I promise, if you give me the right home I will try to work really hard on myself. I am looking for someone who knows how to work with high levels of food and resource guarding because I am super protective over the yummy food and great toys I have been given this past year. So protective, that I would start fights with my canine brothers and sisters in the foster home that I was in over “my items”. Now before you go and put me on the naughty list, please remember Santa that I came into the shelter at only 3 months old so a lot of my guarding behavior is probably genetic and not all my fault! Due to this guarding behavior, I’m not able to go home with young kids because it wouldn’t be safe. Also, I will probably have to be an only dog for the same reasons. Now that doesn’t mean that I want to sit around on the couch, I am still a young boy of only a year and a half so I need someone capable of giving me lots of exercise and taking me to obedience classes where I can work on some of my personal faux pas. Please send me someone this year Santa, I can’t stand the thought of another Christmas without a forever home.

Dear Santa,
It’s me, Bailey! I’m writing to you because all I want for Christmas this year is a family of my very own. You see, I’m a very good girl and I think there’s just gotta be a perfect family out there looking for someone like me! I can be a little shy at first, but once I find someone who loves me, I learn to love them right back ten-fold!
I came to the shelter as a surrender because I was eating some of my feathered friends I was supposed to protect. You see, I lived on a farm for the first year of my life but due to my prey drive I had to find a new home. I was very sad and scared to leave my family.
Let me just tell you the specifics on what I need from my new family, and you can check to see if someone on those Nice lists of yours would match up for me - okay? First, I have to be on a leash at all times because I will take off and can get over any fence! Second, I need a home with no small animals (including cats) or children because I am so easily frightened by fast movements and haven't been properly socialized. Third, I really want someone who is willing to spend lots of time outdoors with me because I love the outside so much. All in all I’m a great girl who is looking to love a special forever person/family and possibly a new canine friend as well!
I love my long walks with some of my best shelter friends, and I love leading the way! I especially love to chase things! I love being the center of attention! I love my best friends here, but I would love even more to be with a family of my very own! Don’t you have someone out there looking for a gorgeous girl like me?

I've been good this year and every year of my short life. I ended up here at the shelter when my human got sick and could no longer care for me. I'm not sure what happened, all I know is I had to leave my home and my human and now I'm very sad. I'm nice to everyone, people, tiny humans and cats, as long as they give me space.
The volunteers say I'm super sweet. I love when people pet me and even when they pick me up. But day after day, and month after month, everybody who comes in the adoption room just passes me by. I've been here since July and it seems like a lifetime. I'm nervous in the adoption room, with so many cats and strangers. So I never get off my shelf. I try to get as close as I can to the door, hoping someone will notice me. But nobody does. I'm just a skinny little cat, gray and white - nothing special, just sitting on a high shelf... waiting.
People like the outgoing cats and the cats who have pretty fur. And who doesn't love a kitten? But me...I'm still here. I stare at people with my most loving eyes, imploying them to notice me - to love me. But they just don't see me.
So for Christmas this year I'm asking you for a big dose of confidence. I want to be able to run up to people who come to the adoption room, to be able to rub on their legs, and purr loud enough so they can hear me. I want to jump in their laps and urge them to kiss the little spot on my nose.
And if you can't do that Santa, please, please, please send me a family who will love a scared little girl like me. I know my confidence will grow in a home with people who love me.
Thank you Santa

Dear Santa,
It’s me Romeo. I’m reaching out to you again from Lakeland Animal Shelter. I can’t believe it’s been another year for me here in the loving care of the handlers at the shelter, and while I continue to be grateful for them and the warmth of the building and of course the full belly, what I really, really, REALLY want is a forever family Santa.
I’ve been working on my manners really hard this year too with the help of my favorite volunteer Santa. I know I still have a lot to learn and have a lot of energy to share which makes me a bit of a handful, but what can I say, I am only 3 and half years old and have been waiting ever so patiently for my family to find me. Since July 2015! That’s a crazy long time in dog years. I am just SO ready to start the next chapter of my life Santa. There’s only so much waiting a young pup like me can endure and to be passed up again and again just gets starts to wear on a sweet soul like myself.
I also know there are many just like me asking for the same thing this year and of course we all deserve that warm place in a human’s life and heart. I guess I am just hoping that this year, this time, it’s finally my turn. I am looking for a home with adults only with no other animals.
So here is where they will find me, Santa. Resting on my warm bed, in my small but comfy kennel. With a few bones and a full heart. Just waiting that day when they come to bring me home. HOME. I just keep telling myself that I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter. I know you are a very busy guy this time of year.


Dear Santa,
I can't believe it's already December, already time to write to you again. Now, I have never written a letter. But I know so many cats that have. They bustle around with their paper and pens, hoping that you'll find them homes, family's to call their very own. There so much hope in the air, Santa, so much magic brought on by this time of year.
I've been here a long time, though it doesn't feel like it. Feels like only yesterday I was picked up off the highway and brought here scared out of my wits. People are... well when I was young they never brought good things. They meant I was going to go hungry or get hurt again. Things were very scary for the first seven years of my life.
Things are better now Santa, warmer. There's always food and sunshine to lay in with my friends. And I know that most people are nice, and that they want to help. This place is a good place, not perfect, but definitely good. I've never said it out loud, but I do want a home. I want a place to call my own, even if I'm not on my own. I don't want to be on my own anymore.
I know I'm not an easy cat to love, I know I always look angry (even though I'm not) and I know that I get scared of people really easily, but there has to be someone for me. There's been someone for everyone else.
Please help me find a family,

Dear Santa,
I have a story to tell you. Once there was a family living in Texas. This family had children and a beautiful, caramel-colored puppy. They were happy, and then one day the family moved away, leaving their puppy abandoned in the apartment complex where they had lived. Alone and frightened, the puppy was teased and abused by children living in the complex, until one day 2 ladies showed up, and saved that puppy, that puppy is me, Layla.
They spent a few days trying to gain my trust before they were able to coax me to come to them. They didn’t want to take me to a shelter because there were hundreds of dogs there, and they knew it was going to be almost impossible for me to make it out alive, so they posted me on Facebook and found me a foster mom to take me in. She learned a lot about me and got me matched up with a local rescue dog group called Lola's Lucky Day. That’s how I made it to Wisconsin.
I am beautiful, and inside I still feel frightened and worried after what happened to me. Because of the kind of loving treatment I’ve received here over the last almost 3 years, I have learned to trust those who are good to me. Playing ball and tug, going for walks, learning obedience commands, and being around people who care about me have given me more confidence and the courage to try new things.
Somewhere out there is the loving, compassionate person I need to take me home. I am waiting patiently to be adopted and promise when I am given my forever home, I will love my family and will never abandon them like I was.
Beautiful Layla

Dear Santa Claus,
My name is Redd, which is kind of ironic since I'm mostly white. I do have a bit of orange-red in my coat and blue eyes, so people say there must be flame-point Siamese in my family. I haven't written to you before, because I never imagined life would ever get better.
You see, I had a home, but the people there had so many cats - too many to care for. They started out trying to do good, but without the money or energy to care for us all, things got really bad. Lots of us were sick and we lived in filth. My fur was falling out in tufts and there was never enough food. When I was rescued and brought to the shelter - they said I was 'skin and bones'.
Since I was rescued, they've given me all the food I want, even canned food, which I absolutely love. I have a clean place to sleep with places where I can lay all by myself. If I feel scared, I can go up high on the shelves, and there's even a sunny window where I can snuggle with some of the other mellow cats. The nice people here trimmed my nails, brushed my fur, and gave me medicine. I feel so much better. But I overheard the staff say I've got permanent respiratory damage. I'm only seven years old, but sometimes I feel much older. I don't play very much anymore, but getting pets is heaven.
I talked to some of the other cats here at the shelter. Is it true that you find good homes for cats? I like it here at Lakeland Animal Shelter, but I must say I'm tired of being in a place with so many cats and strangers coming and going. I don't need much. Just people who will pet me, give me love and get me medicine if I'm not feeling well. I know I'm not the most handsome cat, and I'm not a kitten anymore. But Santa, please see if there are some kind people who will think I'm purrfect just the way I am. Tell them I may be afraid at first, and I may cringe at first when they pet me. If they don't give up on me, I promise I will love them and be the best cat they have ever had.
Thank you Santa.

Dear Santa Claus,
My name is Charger, I am 3 years old, and am a very smart boy! I live at Lakeland Animal Shelter right now and am writing you about my Christmas List - actually my Christmas Wish! You see Santa, I have lived here for over a year now and even though I have many friends, it is still kinda lonely here - especially at night when all is quiet. It is then that I have time to think about my past life, homes, and families, as well as dream of a real forever family and home! That is all I want in the whole world, all I ever wanted - My Christmas Wish!
I once lived with a lady that I thought of as my Mom (I had 2 dog siblings as well) but she had to give us away because we lost our home! I went with a guy who I had hoped would be able to keep me but he couldn't keep me either. He tried to do something called surrendering me to a shelter but he picked the wrong one and they couldn't take me. Then the unthinkable happened Santa, he just dumped me off out in the country to fend for myself - I didn't know what I was going to do! Luckily someone found me and cared enough to bring me to the Lakeland Animal Shelter. Given this experience, I just need a little time to trust someone, usually just a meeting or walk but sometimes a little bit more for men. I really love playing with other dogs and would love to have another dog sibling someday if possible!
I was also adopted a few months ago by a nice lady but it didn't work out. My adoptive Mom was looking for a dog who is a little more socially outgoing and ready to travel the Country which is out of my comfort level at the moment. I was disappointed but my caretakers did find out that I am a great constant companion with awesome house manners, am potty-trained (I could've told them that), I put myself to bed at night, and I love to snuggle on the couch like a lap dog! I am not overly high energy - some nice walks will do and an occasional car ride or new toy would be a much appreciated bonus!
So Santa, I was thinking that maybe you could use some of your Christmas Magic to find my forever family and send them to me sometime soon. A nice, loving, experienced family to help me develop to my full potential and gain the social confidence that I need. In return, I promise to be the best boy ever because I never want to be homeless again! I love all of my friends here at the shelter but they go home to their families - I just want to go home to my family too! We all do!
Thank You Santa & Merry Christmas!
Love, Charger

Dear Santa,
I'm Hadley, and I could use a helping hand here at Lakeland Animal Shelter. I came here last spring, and things were great! I was warm for once and whenever I was hungry, food was right there, that was something I had never had before. Whenever visitors came to the colony I'd leap into their laps, hoping they'd never put me down.
But most of they did though, they'd put me down and pick someone else. And I was okay with that, there are a lot of cats and they deserve homes too. I thought, "Keep your head up, Hadley, there will be someone else tomorrow."
I stayed positive, but after being picked second so many times it started getting hard to keep smiling through the pain.
Santa, I'd like to find a family. But I think I might have to make some changes first, which is why I need your help. I'm all black, and it's hard to find me sometimes, I don't stand out like calicos or tabbies. And while I just turned two back in October, I'm not little anymore, I'm not a kitten. I know you can't turn back the clock for me, so please help me with something else.
I need an ugly sweater, with bright colors and maybe even lights! I want something to make me stand out, to make me unforgettable.
Then I could be confident again, and maybe if someone saw me with my colorful sweater on the outside, they'd be able to love the colorful cat on the inside.
Would you mind helping me out,

Dear Santa,
Little Boo here, this is my first time writing a letter to you, so bare with me while I spill my guts!
I’m not sure exactly why I ended up at Lakeland, but let me tell you I’m grateful to be here. You see my previous owners didn’t take very good care of me; they didn’t even know I was a BOY!! You heard me right; they thought I was a girl! When I arrived at the shelter I was covered in fleas. The girls noticed and started helping me right away. I had a few baths, which secretly I loved, but don’t tell them that! After some battling, the fleas are finally gone and I am relieved, those little buggars are itchy!
There is one lady here that really likes me and keeps coming to pick me up. I try and warn her off by stomping my feet at her, but she just laughs! She laughs at me Santa! Can you believe that!?? I eventually cave and stop stomping my feet and she gets me, and we snuggle. I don’t mind that part either. One thing that my previous family did well was making sure I was held a lot. I even don’t mind being held on my back.
So Santa, that is my little story. Lakeland is a pretty cool place, but I’d really like a new family to call my own. Think you could make that happen soon?
Have a safe trip Santa!
Little Boo

Dear Santa Claws,
My name is Sheba, I've been at the shelter for about a year now. Well, not at the shelter. I spent most of last year at a foster home. I hate to admit it, but I was kind of a scaredy cat, scratch that, I was a big scaredy cat. I was always hissing, running away from people and hiding with my friend Shania.
When I came to the cat room, I kind of repeated the same pattern, except this time I was all alone. Shania was in the adoption room too, but she'd gotten a lot braver. She'd still say hello sometimes, but often enough I was all by myself, on the highest shelf in the room.
Once a volunteer climbed up on a step stool, I was going to run, but they had something amazing! Something I hadn't had since I was a little kitten: WET FOOD! I was so excited, and let the volunteer pet me while I ate.
Over time I got braver, Santa. I came down, not just for food, but because I wanted to. I wanted to get affection, and give affection back too. It's been a long year, but I feel I'm finally ready for a family.
There is one, little problem, though I was hoping you could help me with it. I hate touching the floor, I don't want to go down there even to eat or drink. I feel too exposed, like somebody is going to reach down and grab me. I want to be pet, but most people aren't tall enough to touch me. I've been racking my brain for a way to reach people and food without having to touch the floor, and then it hit me!
Could you send me some of the stuff that makes your reindeer fly? That way I could find my fur-ever family without having to deal with all the cats on the floor. Plus, I'd get noticed so quickly! I mean I would be a flying cat, rather then a run-a-the-mill scared black cat.
Please help me out,

Dear Santa,
It’s Casey; the sassy Shepard girl who is very, very, misunderstood! You see Santa, I didn’t have the best start in life, so just about everyone I don’t know scares me. My human friends tell me that I’m “fear aggressive” but trust me, as soon as I get to know you, I will be your shadow!
I came to the shelter in December of 2015 as a transfer from a place called MADACC in Milwaukee. I couldn’t stay at that place very long, so the shelter decided they would take me so I could find a forever home! I thought it was a great idea too but I was hoping it wouldn’t take this long. The shelter doesn’t know much about my past life, but they do know that I was brought into MADACC by two men, which is interesting because since then I have been terrified of men!
I have a few really good friends at the shelter who love to play with me and take me on walks, but I really want the loving home that I never had. Santa, the kennel environment at a shelter, is just not the place for a little lady like me, I get extremely stressed out from all the commotion. Given my struggles at the shelter and, my high level of reactiveness to stressors like strangers and other dogs, I would do best in a home with low traffic and lots of structure.
However, I will surely be quick to learn the ropes of my new home because I am such a smart girl! I truly aim to please my people friends, if they can make it through my initial evaluation- they have earned my love and loyalty forever! I’m not quite sure if I would do well with a doggy sibling, after all…. What if they try to steal my tennis balls! I love playing fetch and trying to fit as many tennis balls into my mouth at one time- I’m not sure I could handle the competition with another dog! And cats, well let’s just say I would fancy a cat flavored snack if you know what I mean. Little kiddos are cute, but they kind of freak me out with their fast movements and loud play so an adult home would be best for me.
Please, please Santa, tell me you have someone just right for me that has a kind heart willing to be patient and let me love them. I am a diamond in the rough Santa, and I know there’s someone out there willing to polish me into the gem I truly am.

Dear Santa,
Yes, it’s me, Wren. So I’ve been here for just over a year now and when I hear my friends are getting adopted I think to myself, when will it be my turn?
I’ve always heard it’s because of my breed that it takes awhile to get chosen sometimes. I don’t care about my breed, I just think I’m a pretty color. I love the human friends that have taken the time to get to know me. I’m pretty quick to be defensive of myself, so it takes some time for me to get to know someone. Patience is the key with me!
I’ve made a few doggie friends while I’ve been here, but haven’t exactly figured out how to play with them and be myself without them getting upset with me. I think it would be best for me to be the only animal in my new home Santa.
I love to play with rope toys and balls, but I really like to play with my human friends more! My play can get carried away pretty fast, so it’s best for me not to go in a home with children.
My dream is to be in a home soon, where I can lay on the floor, maybe next to a fireplace with my forever person. This is my Christmas Wish Santa! I know I may not get my wish soon, I know there are a lot of doggies that have written letters to you this year, so I’ll understand if you can’t get to mine. I’ll wait as patiently as I can for you to send the perfect person my way!
Good luck with your big trip Santa, I’ll leave some treats out for you when you stop by!

Dear Santa,
My name is Amber and I hope all the good things I've heard about you are true, because I could use all the help I can get. You see, I lived as a wild cat until I was about one and a half years old. It was scary, cold, and I was always hungry. Then a person trapped me and left me on the doorstep at Lakeland Animal Shelter. I had all the food I could dream of and a warm comfy place to lay my head. I thought I'd gone to heaven.
Living in the colony is awesome! I love my cat friends and I get to sleep in the window all the time. I love when a bunch of us all snuggle together in the sunshine. But one by one, my cat friends have been disappearing. One day they are here and then they are gone. The other cats say they are getting adopted and are finding their forever families. I've never had a family, and for a long time I wasn't sure if I wanted one. People are scary, with their big stompy feet and towering bodies, I'm so scared that they're going to grab me and hurt me.
But sometimes Santa, there are quiet humans with soft voices and hands. They reach out to pet me and I'm not scared, I get all warm and bubbly inside. I think it's called love.
Santa, it's time I found a home of my own, but I don't want to be with just anybody. I need special humans. Humans who will love me enough to let me warm up to them on my own time. People who have quiet homes, without the constant bustle of strangers or children. If I could have cat friend there, I think my life would just be perfect.
So, please send someone to meet me, the nicest family you know. Tell them to look for me in the window, the pretty white cat with the sad, sad eyes.

Dear Santa,
Last year, all I wanted for Christmas - was to be left alone. I spent every day on the highest shelf in the cat colony. I hissed if anyone came near me. I didn't have a lot of good memories of humans, so this was all I knew to do. People didn't know my name, so they called me the "Orange Hissy Cat". I was 6 months old.
Then one day, when a person came near me and I hissed as usual - they didn't walk away. They put something called a 'treat' on my shelf. It was delicious! Time passed and they gave me more treats. Maybe these people weren't so bad after all, I thought.
I wanted to hunt, but there aren't any mice or birds at the shelter. So I tried pouncing on the thing called a 'broom. It was hard to catch. I was so happy when the humans gave me cat toys.
All the other cats seemed to enjoy getting petted by the humans, so I tried it too. I loved it almost as much as treats, which says a lot. I started following people around hoping they would notice me and pet me. Santa - do you think that when you come to the "purple room" at the shelter, you can pet me too? I would love that.
The people here kept saying "Darius" to me. I didn't know what the word meant. Finally, I realized - it's my name. I have a name! I'm so happy Santa. I have people who care for me, feline friends to hang out with, and warm place to sleep. And I know that someday, someone will come to the shelter and adopt me.
Santa, I've been very good this year, so please put me on the 'nice' list. I'm not the naughty "orange hissy cat" anymore. For Christmas, I'm hoping you can make my wish come true; that all the cats and dogs that are cold, hungry, and unloved, find their way to Lakeland Animal Shelter. That would make this the best Christmas ever.
Love, Darius
P.S. Can you ask people to donate "Temptations" cat treats? They're my favorite! Thanks, Santa.

Dear Santa,
My name is Drako and this is the first time I’m writing a letter to you. You see, I’ve never had to write to you before because I was in a home. But then earlier this year I ended up at this place with a lot of other animals and my family didn’t come to get me.
I know I’ve made your naughty list, but I promise I’m working so hard to be moved to the nice list. I won’t go into all the boring details about why I’m on your list, I know you have this magical way of knowing everything. Let me tell you about the family I’m hoping to get soon.
I’d do best in a home with no children. I don’t mind other dogs but am not a fan of those small furry creatures people call cats. None of those for me please. I’d also do best in a home with someone that has experience with my breed. I have a lot of energy and need a lot of exercise EVERY day. A home with a fenced yard would be so great for me!
I am quite the smart cookie if I do say so myself. I know a lot of tricks and sometimes I can be very patient, but I’ve also heard the ladies saying I have a short attention span. I LOVE toys, and car rides, burgers are great too!
I like spending time outside AND inside too. I don’t mind the colder weather and like to go for romps in the fenced pastures at the shelter. I can't wait for snow to come!
Also, the way to my heart is through belly rubs! That’s important knowledge right there! Treats too, man I love food! Like burgers!
So, there you have it Santa. If you can find that family that meets all my requirements, please send them to the shelter! The ladies love to talk about me and would love to find the perfect match for me soon!
See you soon Santa,


2016 Dear Santa Still Available for Adoption

Dear Santa:

It's me, Princess, and I'm not gonna lie because I know you are watching to make sure I'm being good. Santa, I'm a little depressed to be writing yet another letter to you about what I want for Christmas. I mean, I think this is my 3rd Dear Santa letter! That's a lot of time spent writing letters when I could be going for walks or playing with a jolly ball (I love those), or chewing on an antler bone (I love those too), or eating treats (oh my, I  really really love those!), or cuddling on the couch in my forever home with my forever person. I mean, that's what I really want.....a FOREVER person. I'd even consider giving up the walks, the ball and the antler bones if I could find my forever person. I won't give up the treats though. I mean, come on, how much sacrifice should a Princess have to make for the peace and comfort and love of a home with a soft place to lay my head and a person to give all my kisses too? 

You see, Santa I'm only 3 1/2 years old, but I've been living at the shelter for almost 3 of those years of my life. It's really all I know and although I'm pretty patient about my life here, I know there's something better for me somewhere. But, where? That's the question I was hoping you could help me with. You see, I need a very special kind of home. One with that forever type of person who has some experience dealing with a super shy dog like me. I have some fears about meeting new people. But, I have learned a process thanks to my friends. I need to meet new people very slowly and they can give me treats, but I just don't like them touching me until it's my idea. After 4-5 meetings and lots of treats, I will climb into your lap and shower you with some of my special kisses and then that's when you know I trust you. 

The great thing about me is that after we make friends, I am one of the sweetest, most affectionate and loyal dogs you'll ever meet. I think the difficult part about my search is that my new forever home would have to be willing to manage my fear of new people and protect me. I can totally make more friends and would love to as long as we can do it at my pace, but I really don't mind being crated, so I'm really cool about that and that sure would be a safe place if my forever home wanted to have friends over or maybe like a dinner party (although attending a dinner party sure does sound like a ball), or maybe if one of those unpredictable little people they call kids was stopping over for a visit. And if not a crate, then my very own bedroom would be so awesome, I mean, I would decorate it in pink and brown colors with a whole princess theme and there would be lots of pillows and blankets and baskets of toys and maybe one of those elevated feeders I've been seeing in the décor catalogs. I'm getting super excited about the whole bedroom idea now! 

Santa, I would love to have a home of my own without all the constant stress and barking where I'm surrounded by the same unconditional love I would give gladly in return. I think I'm still okay with those small furry creatures they call kitties, but we might need to check again because that was 3 years ago. I also can be good with other dogs, depending on the dog, but most of me would love to have my very own home where I get all the love there is to give. I know that's selfish, but I've been waiting so long. Thanks for trying again this year, Santa. I'll be tucked away in my kennel on Christmas waiting for my present.

With much love and appreciation,
Princess Chunky Monkey


Hey there Santa!

Romeo here! This isn't the first time I've written to you seeking that wonderful Christmas miracle every lonely animal craves, but I'm afraid this year Santa I find myself a little more desperate then I have been in years past. You see Santa, I've spent pretty much my whole life here within the walls of the shelter. Going in and out of homes trying to find the best fit. Because, as you know, my life hasn't always been very pleasant and that causes me to have some issues with trust. But that hasn't caused me to lose hope yet Santa. Because I'm a young guy and I love people, and I want to please people. I know my family is out there, I just know it. 

I also know that many of my other shelter roomies are writing to you, all just as deserving as myself of that miracle of being tucked in tight, warm and loved on Christmas morning. And because I know that my forever family needs to be *just* right, with no young kids or other furry family members, with much patience and time to work on my issues, I understand if it takes a little more time to help us find each other. I'll be happy with a New Year's miracle too Santa! What a fine way to start over?! First day of a new life on the first day of a new year! Yes, that would be great Santa. As much as that would be just perfect I'll be okay if it even takes longer then the first of the year... I just really want 2017 to be my year, to move on from my past and be allowed to be a dog, a dog with no other worries then where to lay my head for a nice nap. 

So here I'll be, patiently waiting for however long it takes Santa.

Signed yours truly,