Special Needs Adoptable Animals

They are not for everyone, but one of these animals might be the perfect companion for you. Certain animals need a home that can provide a little special care and extra time, but they are no less deserving. Some of the animals at Lakeland Animal Shelter might be labeled as "unadoptable" in other facilities, but we hold a special place in our hearts for the Special Needs Adoptable Animals. And we think you might, too.

Is a Special Needs Friend for Me?

Special Needs Adoptable Animals come in all shapes, sizes, and species. And they're not for everyone. While their needs may vary, all of them require some kind of extra effort, such as:

  • Help getting around
  • Medical treatments
  • Patience
  • Special routines
  • A home that has no children or other pets

They make wonderful pets for the right people. If you think one of these special friends might be a fit for your household, please complete a dog adopter or cat adopter profile.


Hi! My name is Stacey and I’m a very sweet and affectionate 8 year old cat. I have been in foster care for about 8 months with my BFF Amaya. Our foster Mom calls her Zig Zag because when Amaya is happy she does the “zig zag walk”. Amaya is about 4 years old. She is also very sweet but she is more afraid of stuff than I am.

I spent my first couple of months at the shelter. I had to stay in a cage because I had to have one of my eyes removed. I was very nervous around other cats and I had to get used to seeing with only one eye. Plus being front-declawed, I didn’t think I could defend myself very well. The only option for me was to stay in my cage. My foster Mom felt so bad for me that she took me home to help me adjust to things. Shortly thereafter, she thought I could use someone to play with. That’s when I met Amaya. Amaya was much fore afraid than I was of everything at first. While she lived at the shelter she never came out of her hiding place. I don’t know what happened to her when she was little but she sure was a scaredy cat (that was funny huh)! So Amaya came to live with me.

At first she didn’t come out of her little hut very much, only to eat and use the litter box when no one was looking. We both were a little nervous about each other, but eventually we learned to trust each other. It sure was a lot more fun to have someone to play with! Now we chase each other around the room a lot. We love to wrestle! I usually let Amaya win because she’s smaller than me. Our favorite thing to do is to hide behind things and surprise each other! Amaya is not afraid of this game at all! Another funny thing about her is that she hardly makes any noise and her meows’ sound like a little mouse!

We are patiently waiting for a forever family that will want to take us together. I really love Amaya and I know that she really loves me too. I think she feels safe with me. I definitely feel safe with her and since I have some special challenges that is so important. We are looking for a quiet home where we would be the only pets. We like to cuddle, play with toys, and love to be brushed. We will sleep next to you in your bed if you let us. We love to look out the window and watch birds and squirrels. We don’t need much – just to be loved and to feel safe and to be with each other.

Thank you for reading our story!

Stacey & Amaya