90 in 90


Scully came into Lakeland Animal Shelter in November of 2015 when he was removed from his own home due to neglect. At the time, he was 10 months old and only weighed 15 pounds. He was clearly far too thin and should weigh at least twice that amount. This was clearly a situation that Scully needed to be protected from, and our Humane Officer removed him and brought him to the Shelter to be taken care of properly.

Scully was under veterinary care from the time he entered the shelter. We feared permanent damage had been done to him. After the exam, blood work and worming, a feeding and treatment plan was established to get Scully up to a proper weight. After a month at the Shelter and a time in a foster home, Scully was up to 30 lbs. and ready to be adopted into his new home with a family that plans to love him and care for him the way he deserves.

Scully is just one of the thousands of animals that came into our care last year alone that needed relatively extensive medical care prior to adoption. Your support gave Scully and others like him a second chance. Please donate today!