Meet Phoebe!

Hi, I'm Phoebe. Although Phoebe is my name, I may not answer you until you call me "Mama."  You see, when my foster mom took me home on September 13, 2015, I was pregnant, hence the nickname...Mama! Give it a try. I often purr in response!  

After being in the care of the shelter, and my foster mom, for over a year, it's finally my turn to find a forever home. My kittens have all moved in with their new families, and now I'm hoping to be just as lucky.  

I was told to be on my best behavior, but it can be a little tricky here with so much commotion and so many new faces! While I was with my foster mom, I always greeted every cat, kitten, dog, and human with a smile; I never once hissed at anyone, even babies! They have fast hands, and my ears always seemed to be the perfect target. I still had to say hello with a head butt, and then wait patiently for my foster moms help.  I'm truly a very sweet and outgoing girl that would love to sleep by your feet at night, watch the birds during the day, and chase after feathers or strings in my downtime.  I have many years of love left to give...if you'd give me the chance?  

Come and meet me today!