Lakeland’s Bullies

We care for all breeds of dogs here at Lakeland Animal Shelter, but did you know that we almost always have a large amount of  “pitbull type” dogs here? Unfortunately, many people view these dogs all the same when they are actually each individuals with their own type of personality. We have an amazing group of volunteers and staff members who go above and beyond to work with all of our dogs here but especially for the bully breed. In fact, most of our volunteers and staff members all have dogs of the bully breed type in their own family, some even have more than one! We love working with the underdog but what we love even more is to find these “pitbull type” dogs forever homes! If you can open your home to an amazing dog who has endless love to give, then please read about each bully we currently have available for adoption or in a foster home. Email Pilar for more information or with any questions on any of these dogs featured below.


Hi, my name is Princess!  I'm a very special girl in search of my special forever family. I'm a very young princess who has spent over half of my 2 years of life living at the shelter. I know that might make you sad, but actually it's been the best time of my life so far! The shelter staff thinks I was what they call "not socialized" when I was young and therefore I had some fears about strangers and meeting new people that I didn't know. That made my arrival at the shelter a little difficult for me, but once I made some friends, I started coming out of my shell more and more and realizing that friends can be quite awesome! I've lost count, but I think I've made about 20 new friends in staff and volunteers and dog walkers who I trust with my whole heart.

My friend Amy has learned a lot about me.  She's my best friend, and she knows how to introduce me to new friends so that I feel safe. She's learned that it's really not that difficult. Just walk with me and somebody I trust a few times, give me some treats here and there (actually, the more the better), and I'll come to you and let you know when I'm ready for you to pet me. The great thing about me is that once I have made my friendship with you, I just love you and love you and kiss you and kiss you from that point forward. You'll have a new friend for life! I also might stalk your vehicle in the shelter parking lot and beg you for a ride. I'm pretty observant and know my friend's vehicles.

I am good with cats. I can be good with other dogs depending on the other dog. In fact, I have a bestest friend named Argos here at the shelter. We get to play everyday together in the fenced in area. He's looking for his forever family, just like me, so we understand each other. Thanks for taking time to read my story. If you could help me find my forever family and a soft place to lay me head at night, I'd be forever grateful! Oh, and if they have a treat jar, that would be so awesome!

xoxo Princess



Brodie was adopted from us when he was very young, lived with his family for over a year and sadly was returned to us. He is about 3 1/2 years old and very, very sweet. He came from a home with another dog, so he is capable of getting along with other dogs, but he can be pretty picky. He loves people! Until recently, he was pretty shut down, sad and confused. With the help of one of his volunteer friends, he is starting to open up more and is enjoying his time here. He now loves his play time every night! He also loves the pool! He is in our Bright Futures Training class and is working on his social skills around other dogs. He is already doing wonderfully and showing much improvement. He rides very nicely in the car and enjoys his weekly field trips and hikes with one of his volunteer friends.



Roo went into a foster home in January of 2014. He finally got his chance to be out of the shelter after two whole years. He is doing wonderfully in his foster home. He lives with two other dogs and learned how to walk up the stairs after a few attempts of being too afraid to try them out. He is a very sweet dog and has quickly learned how to act like a dog. He still gets a lot of daily exercise, but he now gets a couch to sleep on and other dogs to play with. When Roo was with us at the shelter, he had some food and guarding issues. We worked with him continuously but being out of the shelter would prove to be the biggest help for him. His foster family worked with him and now his food issues are almost non-existent. Roo is still searching for his forever family and would do wonderfully in a multiple dog home too! 



Cragen is still with us and still looking for his forever home. He is such a wonderful, sweet, loveable guy who just needs a chance. He was first adopted about 2 years ago and brought back pretty quickly, then spent almost another year with us until he was adopted again. All of us here just don't get it. He is a wonderful dog. He is such a sweetheart and has so much love to give. Here is what one volunteer who spends a lot of time with Cragen has to say about him 'Cragen loves to go hiking, on car rides to McDonalds for a plain burger, wading in the water, loves toys, treats, obedience work with plenty of praise as well as tons of hugs and kisses as he is a sweet boy! He does like some other dogs, but advanced meetings are a must, and he needs a family to provide plenty of love, exercise, structure, outings for socialization, as well as continued training to help him reach his full potential again. Most importantly, a family who will not give up on him and who will love him truly forever.' Cragen also completed a shy and reactive dog class off-site. He did tremendously well in the class and made strides with his behavior around other dogs. In fact, the lucky person that adopts this amazing dog gets free training with one of the amazing trainers at For Pets Sake! Come meet Cragen today and see what we are talking about! He deserves his forever home!




Meet Denzel! He is a super sweet and gentle senior boy who came to us as a stray. He is an American Pitbull Terrier Mix . He came to us in pretty rough shape but was very loving and appreciative of finally being cared for. He has such a great, laid back personality. He isn't too active, but he still enjoys playing with some toys every once in a while, as well as a nice little run here and there. He loves everyone he meets and is very smart. It seems at one point in his life, someone taught him something because he knows sit, paw, other paw and down. Denzel does well with female dogs but may need a little more time getting to know a male dog. You need to meet him for yourself. He is absolutely stunning and beautiful. He is now in our Bright Futures Training class and is doing wonderfully learning how to socialize around other dogs. Don't let his age fool you, he still knows how to enjoy life and he definitely deserves to finally have a good life. Come meet him today!



Henry is a handsome  2 year old guy looking for a home who will never leave him behind. Sadly, this sweet guy was left behind in a home with nothing. For how long, we do not know, but it took a toll on him. When he first arrived to us, he was afraid of everything. Literally every single thing. He had a lot to learn and understand that where he is now, he is safe. Henry has come out of his shell and is a bundle of joy. He loves playing fetch with a tennis ball and he walks nicely on a leash. Henry is a beautiful dog inside and out. Just look at his gorgeous eyes! He would do best in a home with no other animals and with older kids. The longer he has been in the foster home we have learned some things about him: he gets jealous of little kids and becomes very jumpy with them. He also turned out not to be the best with other dogs either. Sadly, this limits the type of forever home he can go into. Despite these setbacks, he is still a good dog and does well in the house. He is completely crate and potty trained with is a huge plus!




Buggotti is an almost 3 year old, super sweet guy. He is the most loving and affectionate guy around! He loves to relax most of the time but he also has a fun, playful side. He came to us as an ownder surrender. He is good with other dogs too! Overall he is the whole package. He would be a great addition to your family! He loves everyone he meets and he always waits nicely in his kennel for his daily walks.
Come meet him today!






Meet Valentino! This handsome 4 year old came to us as a stray and is a super fun dog! He loves to play and romp around. He is good with other dogs but given how playful and rough he can be, he may be too much for some. He loves people and walks very well on a leash. He just began training in the Bright Futures class and will surely succeed in there! He listens very well when corrected and is overall a very smart, willing to learn boy.
Come meet this cutie today!





Meet Petey! He came to us as a stray with his buddy (who is most likely his brother) named Earl. They are both very handsome boys! Petey is a little more outgoing and friendly at first. He is a people pleaser and doesn't care who you are-he loves you and is happy that someone is looking at him or there to take him for a walk. He opened up quickly to the staff members and volunteers. Pete is friendly towards other dogs but is not a big fan of the kitty cats! He walks nicely on his leash and even knows the 'sit' command! Come meet him today! 



Hi, I'm Earl! I'm the lucky one and I am in a foster home. I live with another male dog and a female dog plus two cats (and two sibling foster sisters!) I love being in a home. I am surpassing everyones expectations and am blossoming so much and so quickly now that I was given this chance. I actually have a playful side and I listen very well. I love to be by my f0ster moms side every second of everyday. My ideal forever home would be that with cats and dogs (preferable dogs-they help build my confidence!)  I don't mind most things but a more relaxed home would be good for me just because of how shy I was when I first came to the shelter. I would appreciate a more laid back place for me to relax and just hang out. I want someone to give me walks and spend lots of time with me!


Hello there, I am Sierra. I am the new Queen around here. I am a very fragile, sweet lady. I am told I am a real beauty. I am pretty skittish and a little hesitant of new people at first. But give me a tiny bit of time to open up (literally like 3 minutes) and once I see you're there to love me, I will love you. In fact, I will probably love you too much. I like to sit on people's laps. I don't care how muddy it is, I want on your lap. I love to be petted. I am also good with other dogs and maybe even some cats. I would love to have someone to call a best friend. Could that be you?





Eloise is a beautiful tiny pit mix who is about one and a half years old.  She is great with everyone! She likes other dogs, kids, pretty much all! She is very playful and sweet and walks nicely on a leash. Since she is so young it would be ideal that her adopters would do some basic training with her as she hasn't had much in her life. She came to us as a stray so we do not know much about her previous life. She is getting along fine in the kennel environment too! Come meet this sweet little gal today!    





Nora is a sweet momma mix who came to us as part of a transfer we were part of. She came in with 4 beautiful little pups. She is a wonderful mom, and since everyone loves puppies she is still looking for her forever home while all of her pups are spoken for! Nora is good with other dogs but isn't a fan of cats. She is a very loving, sweet, affectionate young girl at about only 2 years old! Come meet this sweet momma dog today!



Patsy is a young girl about 3 years old. She loves everyone! She can go home with dogs, cats and all ages of kids! She is all around a very loving and sweet dog. She came to us as a stray with 2 deceased babies. She was probably one great mom! She is still a happy go lucky gal although something so tragic happened in her life. Like all of our dogs, she is one extremely loving dog. If you choose to come meet her, we promise you will love her!



Rocky came to us last year as an owner surrender. He was with us for many months and then was adopted. After about 2 months of being gone, he was returned. We were all so saddened by this. He is such a sweet, loveable dog. He has a best friend in a volunteer here and he loves being by his buddies side. Rocky is in our Bright Futures training class and is constantly striving. He goes on many of our outreach events and he loves being out of the shelter. He is working on his manners around other dogs as well as how to ride nicely in a car and walk nicely on a leash.



Spirit was surrendered to us after having some issues in her past home. Since she has been with us she has turned out to be an amazing dog. She loves being around other dogs, although she needs some work on learning how to act around them. She has been joining us on some outreach events and does great while being out. She loves to be around people and is constantly trying to hug everyone she meets. She is a little unsure of herself and of new surroundings but she is only growing more confident every day.



Peabody came to us after being neglected with his sister and another puppy from a different liter. He is such a fun, smart dog. He loves other dogs and is even good with cats too! He gets to attend most of our outreach events because he loves everyone and everything he meets! He recently went into a foster home and has a two foster brother siblings. Peabodys ideal forever home would be one that is pretty active and understands his puppy-like behavior.




Eve is one spunky girl! She came to us after being neglected with 2 older puppies. Eve is very smart and very willing to learn. She is fine with cats and most dogs but her forever family will be someone who will continuously work with her and understands her dog meetings need to go slowly. She needs work on her basic obedience with her forever family and needs to trust them before meeting other dogs.  She is very young so with the right family she has a lot of potential!




Ashlyn has it all! She is a wonderful dog who loves other dogs, cats, people, kids, just everything! She would make a great addition to all types of families. She came to us after being neglected outside of her home with a few cats. She was a little shy at first but she turned out to be such a wonderful dog! Ashlyn gets to attend our outreach events and loves being out! She loves being around people and going for walks and also walks very nicely on a leash.



Ace came to us from out of state. He came with his buddy Holly and he loves being around her. Ace needs some help learning how to act around other dogs because he can be a little rude/talkative. He is a very handsome dog and is pretty petite. He walks nicely on a leash and loves giving and getting affection. He is also good with cats. Ace needs some basic obedience work and his ideal forever family will continue work with him to help him become the best dog he can be.



Lola is such a sweet, gentle girl. She came to us for no fauly of her own. Her owners were expecting a human child and didn't want Lola anymore. She can be good with certain dogs, but needs a few meetings before they can be buds. She is good with cats too. She is a little shy at first but when she gets to know you and knows you are here to love her, she will open up a lot. She loves to be given affection and walks very nicely on a leash. She seems to be a little more timid around men at first but with meeting them slowly, she is just a normal dog!