Dear Santa






2015 Dear Santa

Dear Santa, 

I hope you can help me. I am around three years old and have lived at Lakeland Animal Shelter for most of my life. I had a family once for a brief time --but then it was gone. I wrote to you several times before, asking for a family to adopt me, but so far, I am still here, one of the longest residents in the cat room.

I am a good boy. I am lovable, sweet, and laid back. I love getting pets and head scratches, but I am too manly for hugs. I am still young and I like to play, but I am always a polite gentleman, and I get along with everyone. I used to run and meet people who came into the cat room, but now I am just so tired of being passed over that I rarely leave my shelf anymore. Oh, Santa, you are my final hope!

The attendants at Kitty City tell me that I am a handsome boy, that my fur is silky and a brilliant orange, the color of pumpkin pie and autumn sunsets they say. They tell me that I am strong and athletic. They tell me my family will come some day. I have been watching other cats get adopted and I think I know what my problem is -- maybe people don't like strong cats the color of a sunset.

I have decided that what I want for Christmas this year is a Calico coat and a treadmill.
I will wear my new coat and people will think I am cute, not just plain orange. I will use the treadmill and get really, really small. People are always looking for tiny kittens. Then maybe someone will adopt me. That would make this the most wonderful Christmas of all.



Dear Santa,

Hi! I'm not sure if you remember me from last year or not, but I'm Henry. I'm just a few years young and I am much luckier than the others that have wrote to you, but that's because I'm in a foster home. Last year around this time I started becoming really stressed here that it affected me pretty badly. I wasn't acting the best with some of the people here because of how upset I was. Can you blame me though? I was abandoned in a home for a while until I was finally brought here. I was happy here at first but then days turned into months and I wasn't so happy anymore.

Luckily I was able to get into a wonderful foster home! It's great and all but I would really like a forever home. I would prefer being the only animal and would probably be happiest with older kids. Sorry to be picky, but I just want to make sure you know my needs.

I usually walk nicely on the leash, I love playing fetch in my fenced in yard and really enjoy car rides too. Everyday I stay busy with some frozen treats, those are yummy! Oh and although I am crate trained, I'm such a good boy that I don't even need to be in it when I'm home alone!

So please Santa, send me a forever family. Not only would I be forever grateful but that means another needy dog could go into a foster home too!

Thanks Santa!



Dear Santa --
I was informed that there was a job opening that you were recruiting for and that I might meet your needs.
Currently, I am the boss of The Colony. We specialize in providing the necessary love and devotion needed by families, particularly those who have recently seen previous pets retire. You see, most people who are novices at cat ownership pass by our department because they see that we have something called FIV or FeLuke. They think we are sick. Wrong! We just carry a virus inside us that can only do damage if we fight with another cat and break the skin with a bite. I have never seen a single one of us bite another cat, nor a human who cannot get this virus anyway. Dogs and humans cannot "catch it," so, we are more than safe in that regard. Therefore, those who are knowledgeable about cats might be the best fit . . . but we will train a novice family with enthusiasm, too!
While I enjoy my office and my work, as the boss, other than adoption there is no more possibility for upward movement at my current place of employment. I am eagerly seeking a new opportunity with new challenges since I have mastered all those that are available here. My job qualifications are listed here. I am a young, attractive male, just over three years old, with a soft,smooth coat, deep black tiger stripes, and yellow eyes. (This comes in as a very handy sales pitch with the female clients, if I do say so myself.) I am a people person, without being aggressive to get attention. I am also a generous guy: I often let the others in my department seek out the attention of our clientele and sit back, supervising their work, and then moving in after a short while to sit close and tempt the visitors to reach out to me. Then I will purr, rub my cheek against their hand, and hope for the best. So far, my attempts at promotion to "Forever Family Supervisor" have been unsuccessful.
So, what do you say, Santa? Shall we form a merger and see if you can help me get that promotion?
Sincerely, Tiger


Dear Santa,

Hi, it's me, Princess, from the Lakeland Animal Shelter. That name might sound familiar because I wrote you a letter last year. Don't worry, there's no hard feelings that you weren't able to bring me my forever family last year for Christmas. I understand that it takes time when you're looking for such a special gift. I'm being a very patient girl and tolerating shelter life pretty good...well, for a Princess anyways. ��

I've seen a lot of my shelter friends find their forever homes since I've been here and their families report back with pictures of them sleeping peacefully on a couch or on a soft and cuddly dog bed and even though I'm being patient, I must admit it makes a Princess like me kind of jealous. I've been living here at the shelter since February of 2014. That's right, I've been here almost TWO YEARS and I'm only 2 1/2 years old. That's a long time to live in a shelter, but I know I'm actually quite blessed to be here. A lot of shelters wouldn't give a shy girl like me a chance, but here at Lakeland they're pretty darn awesome that way.

I've been keeping myself quite busy here. I have a lot of 2-legged friends who walk me, play with me, and give me love and hugs and kisses. I really enjoy hugging and kissing and cuddling. And treats, I really love a good treat! Yummy, yummy! I also have a four-legged dog friend here that I get to play with every day. His name is Argos. He's a big dork, but he's very sweet and lovable once you get to know him. At least I think he is and he tolerates me quite well, so I gotta love him for that.

I've also been blessed to be a student in the Bright Futures training class here at the shelter. I've learned a lot. I know look, sit, stay, down drop it, leave it, and wait. Im really, really good at these things. I also know paw and other paw and I'm working on rollover. I'm kind of a chunky monkey, so I think that's why rollover is taking a little longer than I expected, but I'll get it. I don't mean to brag, but I can do a down/stay while a human run circles around me and I won't get up until you tell me to. Silly humans... They come up with the craziest ideas.

You might be wondering why it's taking me so long to find my forever home, aren't you? Well, I wasn't socialized much when I was a little baby girl and that has made me be a little extra cautious when it comes to making new friends. I just need extra time. I'm not a first date kind of girl. If we are going to be an item, I'm just going to need multiple dates to get to know you. (I am a Princess, ya know!) And treats, too! Bring lots of treats for me. Yum, Yum, Yum! I love treats. Wait, did I already tell you that? Once I get to know you, you'll never meet a more loyal and loving and true friend than me. I'm ALL IN once you become my friend. Went to look at my ears? No problem. Check my teeth? Done. Touch my paws? Please do! OK, Santa, that's the deal. That's what this Princess wants for Christmas...a forever and ever and ever family. Oh, and Santa, as long as you are looking, please be on the lookout for homes for my long time roomies Cragen and Brodie. I hear they're great guys. Oh, and Fluffy, because she's deaf and she really needs a home. Oh, and Kenai because he's got a boo-boo that he needs help with. Thanks Santa!
Princess Chunky Monkey



My name is Popsicle and I am writing to you on behalf of myself and my two bunk mates, Springer & Herv. We are currently residing at the Lakeland Animal Shelter where all animals are given a fair shot at finding a second chance! We are 3 examples of that second chance, because we have tested positive for Feline Leukemia. The shelter doesn’t think we are unadoptable because of our medical issue, they think it makes us more special!
I am probably the most outgoing of us three, as I am the youngest (and brightest if I do say so myself!) I love to play and run around our little apartment we have here! I like to sneak under the blankets and play with Herv! Springer usually is cat napping and ignoring us but he’s a softy! I am very adventurous and like to explore! I also LOVE kids! They are very entertaining for me and I love to play with them. Springer & Herv are a little intimidated by kids, but are curious about them as well. We are the first animals you will see when you get to the shelter and the last ones as well!
Springer, Herv & I would really like to find a new family before Christmas comes. Don’t get me wrong, we like living at the shelter, we get taken care of very well and love all the staff and volunteers, but what we would really LOVE is to be in a home to call our own.
If you can help us with that Santa, we’d be forever grateful and never ask for anything for Christmas again!
With Love,
Popsicle, Springer & Herv


Dear Santa,

Hey! Remember me? Cragen? I know I write you every year but this year I need your help MORE than ever to make my Christmas wish come true!!

You see, this year marks 3 years that I have had to call the shelter my home. Now don't get me wrong they take very good care of me there but homeless is not something I would wish on ANY of my furry friends especially during the holidays!

During my years at the shelter I have been through pretty much every scenario possible! Starting out as a stray to going on sleepovers with potential adopters to even actually being ADOPTED once! Unfortunately it didn't work out in my favor and I was brought back. I've been so close to getting a forever family so many times one would assume that I'm discouraged or even possibly shut off from people. But........

Let me tell you how far from the truth that is! I am super energetic (which I know gets me in trouble sometimes, oops) about most things! I LOVE the outdoors. Going on walks, running off leash in the pasture and field trips with some of my shelter friends are my favorite! I'm a pretty buff guy so the exercise is GREAT as well!

Another thing I LOVE is learning! I have been told by many that I am a super smart boy which is why learning comes so easily to me, just don't forget the tasty treats!! I am a part of a training class we call Bright Futures where I have worked with some dedicated volunteers on my manners, focus and patience. Everyone at Lakeland has really helped me work on being the best ME I can be!! Even on some of my more difficult traits (I can be a bit reactive at times) they have shown what a little training can do!

This leads me to the thing I love the most........PEOPLE!!!!!!!! I LOVE PEOPLE!!!!!! Young people, old people, babies, men, women!!!! People are what make my world go round! I may not have had the best start coming in as a stray but all of the wonderful people here at Lakeland have reminded me just how much people mean to me. I have learned a lot from them like trust, loyalty and of course....LOVE

So Santa, if you know anyone who could give me the structure, exercise and continued training I need and are looking for a furever friend, please send them over to Lakeland Animal Shelter!!! Tell them to mention my name to any of the great staff and volunteers there and they will be sure to introduce us!! They won't be disappointed!

I know I am not perfect (although many of my volunteer friends tell me I am) but I know I would give more love and loyalty then anyone could handle in return for the chance to do so!

Love Always,


Dear Santa,
Last year I wrote you a letter about Christmas wishes for my kittens that were born here at the shelter three years ago. I know that you heard them and made sure that they got their gifts and love from their mama. Thank you!
I also asked for a second wish -- a home for myself -- but I guess you were unable to find the right family for me. That's ok. I'm patient. I think you will have better luck this year. You want to know why? Because I'm ever so much less shy! And, I still have that so-soft fur, and those bright calico colors, and I still love my colony friends. Some of the ones from last time this year are gone to new homes, but I'm still here.
I think people are afraid of me because I have something called FIV, so they think I am “sick” and will make them sick, too. But the truth is, I can’t make humans sick, Santa. I will live a very long and happy life if only someone would come take care of me, just like they would any other kitty. My condition just means that I can only be with other cats who have the same condition or be in a home where I am the only cat (although I heard a rumor that might not be true anymore).
While I wouldn't mind being an only cat, some people say that cats are like potato chips: you can't have just one! Maybe I could still go home with a buddy? There's a very nice kitty named DiCaprio who is still here from last year, too.
I've been such a good girl, Santa? Please? The shelter will take good care of me for as long as I live. But there are so many of us, Santa, and one less mouth to feed would go a long way this year.
Merry Christmas, Santa!


Dear Santa,
You might remember me. I am Brodie, and I am still here at the Lakeland Animal Shelter. Thank you for giving me such a warm, friendly, safe place to stay while I am waiting to be adopted.
Maybe it is too much to ask, but perhaps you could check your list for someone looking for a dog like me. My shelter friends call me “beautiful boy” because of my amber eyes and coffee-with-cream colored coat. My Staffordshire mix breed gives me a strong, athletic build, and one of my volunteer friends says I would make the perfect exercise and running companion. Going for walks, exploring, riding in the car, and having a triple cheeseburger with my volunteer buddies are things I love to do. I am well-trained, having participated in the Shelter’s Bright Futures’ obedience classes, and I know how to do sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, heal, leave it, and many more skills!
I have been at the Shelter for a long time, and although I bark and call out to visitors who walk through the kennels, no one ever stops to look at me. It makes me so sad and hurt, because once I did have a home, but then, one day, they did not want me. I try so hard to be everything a person would need in a dog. I am loving and loyal, sweet and smart.
Please Santa, don’t forget my longtime dog friends, Dibbles and Cragen, who have been in the Shelter longer than I. If you cannot find a home for me, maybe you could find one for these two wonderful boys who are waiting patiently, like me, to go home.
Merry Christmas, Santa, and thank you for loving all the homeless animals!
Your loyal friend,


2014 Dear Santa

Dear Santa –

My name is Quincy, and I am a charming senior gentleman. I am almost 9 years old and arrived at the shelter as a stray in July of 2012. I was moved into the cat room in December of 2012 when the cages where still there. I did okay in that environment but really showed my wonderful personality when I had the opportunity to move into the small cat room with a great group of friends. I would greet anyone that stopped by to visit and enjoyed the company of my roommates. When the large cat room was completed, I was often found watching the birds and activity outside on the shelter grounds.

Several months ago I started having some difficulties with my teeth and just didn’t feel very good. I was able to have a thorough dental cleaning and removal of some teeth that were bad, as well as a spa day in which I got a brand new haircut. I am feeling better and would really feel great if I could find my forever home for Christmas. I prefer a quiet home with no small children as well as lots of windows to look out of. I am a laid-back, gentle cat that appreciates pets and wouldn’t mind sharing a home with a calm feline friend. I really hope you can help me find my purrfect home this year Santa!

Thank you Santa!!
Love, Quincy



Dear Santa,

My name is Daffodil, and I am writing to you on behalf of my 4 babies, Peppermint, Blizzard, Snowball and Flurry. We arrived at the shelter after being removed from a home that was not taking care of us very well. My babies were just 3 days old when we were taken from somewhere called a breeder. There were too many of us for these people to take care of, and someone finally called in that we weren’t being taken care of, and we all got to go to better places. After arriving at the shelter, some nice lady came and took us to her home. She made this great pen for us to be in while I took care of all my babies. As my babies grew, her children played with them and got them to love children and being handled by humans. They are my world Mr. Santa Claus, and right now I would really like you to help them all find homes. Don’t worry about me right now, I’m sure my time will come. They really are the sweetest things, all white and furry! I know someone will look past the red eyes and fall in love with their personality like the staff and volunteers at the shelter have. If you could help find them homes this Christmas, Santa, I’d be forever in your debt.

Wishing you a safe trip all around the world,
Daffodil (Mom to Peppermint, Blizzard, Snowball & Flurry)




Dear Santa,

It's me, the most handsome guy around, well, that's what I'm told by all of my shelter friends at least. I'm not sure I believe them because if I am so handsome and loving, why am I still here? I was brought here by my family that I've had since I was a little pup. They said they were moving and couldn't take me with. I can't believe that! Why can't they take me with? I thought I was part of the family but I guess not. It makes me sad but my friends here keep telling me it’s for the best and that one day, my real, forever family will come along. I sure hope they are right! My family didn't really teach me right from wrong with toys. I love them so much I just don't want to share with anyone! This is something my friends here are working with me on.

I guess it’s not too bad being here, I get walks a few times a day, and have a nice, big kennel to live in. Some may think it's hard for me to live here, and many days, it is, but the truth is, I have always lived in a kennel, even smaller than this one. I slept in a kennel, was kenneled when my family left for work, ate in my kennel, and when I was punished I was put in my kennel. I was in there all the time even when I wasn't doing something naughty. It kind of confused me. If I'm being a good boy, why am I being put in here all of the time? Santa, I know you keep track of us being naughty or nice, so I really hope you know I didn't deserve to always be crated. The good thing about that is that I can hold my potty for a long time, I never go in my kennel here! My kennel here is so nice compared to a crate!

So, I'm sure you know I like other dogs, in fact, I'm pretty good with them. My good buddy, Tango, is just like me, I guess he is also a "pitbull type" dog...whatever that means! All I know is that we are both super handsome with very cool brindle coloring! We get to go to outreach events together and we are always so well behaved with people and other dogs.

I've also been a good boy with learning to walk nicer on my leash. This is also something else I wish my family would have taught me, but they didn't. With continuous work, I know I can be a perfect gentleman!

Like all of my other deserving friends here, I just want a home for Christmas. A home that will love me, care for me and help me learn the things my previous home never taught me. I have so much love to give and I promise I will work hard as long as I'm given the chance. We all deserve a chance, don't we?

And lastly, I want to ask for something a little different but I know my friends here will understand and appreciate this...I want to ask you to give something to certain people out there, the ones who think I'm a bad dog just because of my breed and how I look (like I said earlier, I'm super handsome!) Please give these people the capability and knowledge to understand me and dogs like me. I am not a bad dog and I didn't choose this life or the breed I am. I deserve love and a home just like all of the others.

That's all I have to ask for Santa, I hope it isn't too much! Travel safe with your reindeer! Speaking of reindeer, have you met Ned? He kind of looks like your reindeer...maybe he could join you!


2013 Dear Santa















Dear Santa,
Our names are Mugsy, Wolfie, Tiger, DiCaprio, Glendala, Lyric & Hera. We are 7 of 9 cats taking up residence in the “Positively Perfect” FIV + Cat Colony at the Lakeland Animal Shelter. Every single one of us came to the shelter as a stray. Glendala arrived pregnant, and her kittens tested negative and were all adopted. Mugsy arrived all beat up, but wanted attention so bad! We are all so incredibly sweet and loving and would really like to find a home soon. With us having FIV, it just makes it a little harder to find us homes. Either we’d have to be in a home where we’re the only cat, or the other cats in the home would have to be positive as well. I’m sure there are lots of families you could think of Santa that might want to adopt us. You’ve already gotten letters from Jim & Melanie, the 2 other cats we live with. We know you are trying really hard to find them a home together, and we’re hoping you’ll be able to help find the rest of us homes as well. We all look forward to tomorrow night when you and your reindeer stop by the shelter! Hopefully you’ll be able to leave us with some good news? Maybe a family will stop by on Thursday to see us!
Thank you Santa! Xoxo,
Mugsy, Wolfie, Tiger, DiCaprio, Glendala, Lyric & Hera
Mugsy, Lyric, and Hera have been adopted!!!





Dearest Santa,

My name is Dibbles and I am an energetic, loving 1 1/'2 year old Lab/Husky mix who had been living here at the shelter for 7 whole months!!! I think that I have been a very good boy this year and I would just love to have a home and family to call my own for Christmas! It is what I want most in the whole, wide world! Sometimes, I don't always know the right things to do and the right ways to act because my human shelter friends scold me sometimes, but I just like to have a little fun! I am only just a kid, don't they remember what it is like!!! I never really had anyone to lead and guide me or to love me, so there are many things that I just don't know yet. I act like a tough guy but I am also a little insecure and clue-less in new situations. But, I am in school now Santa and I think they are trying to teach me new things like Sit, Lay-Down, Off, Heel, No, and weird stuff like that! I will continue to go and learn because they tell me that I am a good boy and make a big deal of it when I do something right; I also get lots of treats so I guess it is easy food! I haven't always felt that getting enough food was easy which is why I don't like anyone too close to my food bowl, but I promise you Santa that I would work real hard with my new family to change that. I am becoming less greedy and bossy about getting treats and I am learning that jumping all over my friends is not a good way to earn a treat. Besides, why waste all of that energy when all you have to do is Sit, than Bam, you get a Treat! Lay-Down, then Bam, you get a Treat! I may just decide to go on to college!

Besides school, treats and toys, I love my friends who walk me and love me, I love my friends who feed me and take good care of me, I love the roof that is over my head and the warm blankets that are always under me! I also love my handler because she takes me hiking, running, and on trips to McDonalds (love those hot dogs too) which makes me feel like I am a special boy:) Although I appreciate everything everyone is doing for me, I am wishing for a home of my own so I can have these wonderful things everyday for the rest of my life! I am hoping for a family who will accept me for who I am and who will give me the love, exercise, structure, and rules that I need! I promise that I would be the best dog ever, Dear Santa, if you would just send them to me!

Thank You Santa and Merry Christmas,

Love - Dibbles





Dear Santa,

My name is Roo, I have called Lakeland Animal Shelter my home for more than a year now, for some reason I just keep getting passed over. Some people might say that I belong on the naughty list but don’t believe them Santa, beca
use they don’t know the real Roo! You see Santa, I am a very special boy who has some funny little quirks; since I am just such a big bundle of fun and energy I get a little carried every once in a while and try to swallow things I shouldn’t like toys, which can obviously be very bad for me. I also tend to protect things I value like food, and to be completely honest I could use a little work on my manners (They don’t call me Kangaroo for nothin’!). But Santa, before you give me a big lump of coal you’ll be happy to know I’m working on all of my issues. I’ve learned how to “trade” very well for a treat, I have made great improvements on my guarding, and I am currently enrolled in an obedience class! I have tried so hard to improve myself so please, please ,please Santa, help me with my very important Christmas wish of finding a loving home of my very own!

For once in my life I want to know what it feels like to be in warm bed in a loving home with a family who wouldn’t trade me for the world. Could you please find it in your heart this Christmas season to give a sweet boy like me that second chance I so desperately deserve?