Cat of the Week!

June 1st

Hi! My name is Benny! I am just over 10 1/2 years old and was surrendered to the shelter when my previous owners got divorced. I am also diabetic and they could no longer afford to take care of me, so they brought me back to the shelter where I was adopted from as a kitten. In my previous home I grew up with children and was always kept inside. I get along very well with other animals too! I do need to be kept on a higher quality diet.
I am a very sweet, loving and easy going boy that is looking for a second chance. If you'd be able to open your home to a sweet, older diabetic boy, I'm the perfect match for you!


May 26th  (Adopted!)

Hi! My name is Indo and I am almost 15 years old. I was adopted from the shelter in October of 2000, and sadly returned this past December when my previous owner couldn’t take me with when they were moving. I am a very sweet girl, and know that there are many younger cats around here that are looking for homes too. Someone special about me is I look quiet unique! I have pretty black fur with lots of white ticking! I was pretty unhappy when I first arrived back here, but now that I live in Kitty City, I feel better. I’m really hoping someone will adopt me and bring me back home with them. Kitty City is nice and all, but nothing beats living in a home. Won’t you please give me a second chance?




May 18th

Hi! My name is Tobaya! I am just over 6 ½ years old and have been at the shelter since May of 2014. There were a lot of other cats where I was found, so it wasn’t surprising that no one came claim me. I have been really stressed being at the shelter, so as you can see I over groom myself a bit. The staff call it “stress licking”, but I just want to make sure I am really clean, you know like Jacques in Finding Nemo wants the fish tank to be clean all the time! That’s me! Maybe when I get adopted my new family can call me that instead! Anyways, I really enjoy other cats company and don’t mind dogs either! I love to snuggle and will head butt you too! Won’t you please choose me?!?


April 27th (Adopted!!)

Hi! My name is Odette! I arrived at the shelter as a stray in February 2014, no one came to find me so I’ve been looking for a home ever since. I’m a very sweet girl with an active personality. I get along well with other animals and love to play! I do get a little over zealous with my play sometimes, so little kids aren’t recommened for me. Do you have a place for me in your home? I’d love to sit in a window all day soaking up the sun and watching the birds! Please adopt me!






April 20th (ADOPTED!!)

Hi! My name is Chong. I was surrendered to the shelter in August of 2013 when my previous owner had too many cats and couldn’t take care of all of us. I was one of 4 cats that was taken here, and am the last one left that hasn’t found a home yet. I am a very handsome guy that loves to get attention! After all this time I’m still not a huge fan of being held, but I love to get scratched behind my ears and my belly rubbed! As you can see from my picture, I am very photogenic! I get along well with other cats and don’t mind dogs either! I’m hoping to find a home before I turn 2 years old in August! It will also be my 2 year mark here at the shelter! Please adopt me!




April 13th (Adopted!)

Hi! My name is Mr. Weebles! I was surrendered to the shelter in July of 2013 when my previous owner lost their home. There were 7 of us that were surrendered, and I am the only one that hasn’t found a home yet. I am a very sweet guy that gets along well with other cats, I also don’t mind dogs. I am a high functioning Cerebellar Hypoplasia cat, where sometimes I am a little uncoordinated in my movements. I have been at the shelter for almost 2 years and the staff and volunteers know me quite well! They are all hoping I find a forever home soon. I would love to find a home before I turn 10 years old in July, could you give me a second chance?!?



April 6th

Hi! My name is Glendala and I’ve been at the shelter since August of 2012. I was pregnant when I arrived at the shelter, and all my babies were adopted. While getting myself ready for adoption, I was tested for FIV and FeLV, and tested positive for FIV, which is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. This basically means I have a weakened immune system and need to be kept in a healthy living environment and fed a good diet. It’s also recommended I only live in a home with other cats if they have FIV also. I do get along with other cats, and also get along with dogs! I am a very sweet girl that’s been at the shelter a long time, and I hope someone will open their heart and home to me soon! ♥ Glendala


March 30th (ADOPTED 4/11/15)

Hi! My name is Haywood! I am just over 1 ½ years old and have been at the shelter since August of 2013. One thing you might notice about me is that my eyes look kind of funny. You see I was very sick when I arrived at the shelter, and my eyes suffered due to infection. Scar tissue covered my eyes and after lots of different drops and creams, this is as good as they are going to get! But don’t worry, I can still get around just fine! I love to play, especially with glitter pom balls and cat nip socks! This awesome Girl Scout troop brought in a whole tote full of toys last week and I dove right in and played! I get along really well with others too! I’m not sure why I’m still here, but I’m hoping that will change soon! Please won’t you adopt me?!?



March 16th

Hi! My name is Puma and I am about 10 months old. I am currently in a foster home with one of the ladies that works here! She has 3 cats of her own that I get to play with! I am a very loving kitten, I am playful and snuggly and purr like a Harley.  I have been battling weepy eyes but since being in a foster home they have started to clear up, hopefully in my forever home little by little they will continue to improve.  If you are interested in more information about me call the shelter, my foster would love to tell you all about me!




March 2nd

Hi! My name is Springer. I am about 7 years old and am special needs. I have something call Feline Leukemia. All us cats get tested for that and Feline Aids before we get placed up for adoption. I just so happened to have Feline Leukemia, so I got moved up from and am one of the first cats you see! I’m a pretty lucky guy if I do say so myself! I get along well with other cats (as long as they are positive like me) and am a little scared of dogs, but as long as they give me space and time to adjust I should be fine! Please won’t you come meet me!






February 23rd

My name is Sammy.  I’m about 8 years old. I am a very sweet guy that is front declawed. I was originally surrendered to the shelter in February 2014 when my previous family was moving and couldn’t take me with. I was adopted, but returned due to needing to be on a special diet. I am on a K/D canned food diet in which I get ½ a can in the morning, and ½ a can in the evening. Other than my special food, I am a pretty cool guy. I am not a fan of dogs, so a home with no dogs would be the best for me. I do get along with other cats, but with my food it might be best if I was the only cat. I live in a condo in the front office so stop by and say Hi!



February 16th (ADOPTED!!)

Hi! We are Piggy & Ginger and we are currently in a foster home until we find our new forever family! Our foster home is pretty awesome, there are lots of other cats for us to play with and dogs too! We are very spoiled here! There are even kids to play with! Both us of came in to the shelter a few weeks old with no mom, so we went into foster homes and were bottle fed. After a few weeks, we were brought together to be friends, and instantly became BFFs! We really don’t want to be split up so are hoping to find a new home where we can go together! Piggy & Ginger


February 9th (Adopted 4/14/15)

Guess what Cupid!?! They have this new board outside of the Kitty City cat rooms here at the shelter and I just found out that I'm the Cat of the Week!! Isn't that cool!!! So, I'm looking for a new home, again. I was adopted, but sadly returned 2 months later after developing a UTI and needing to be on special food. So I'm on this new diet of Urinary SO and doing great! I'm hoping you can help find me a new family that will adopt me and feed me this food! I even get along with other animals! So, what do you say Cupid? Think you can help a guy out?
Thanks Cupid! I look forward to seeing your magic work!